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1. Verb – to roch out, to replicate roch, as roch, rochary- “everyone at the party roched out” “we’re goin out to get into some rochary”

2. Adjective -a positive description of something that can only be described as Roch- “yo momma’s ass is so roch”

3. Noun – the actual person Roch, a location synonymous with rochary (see Verb), an object with likeness to the person Roch, idea’s so fresh it reminds you of Roch- “Roch, are you ready to hit the stage” “where’s the show at? at that roch spot”, “yo, what is that roch? i dunno its roched out” “an avocado, one phillips head screwdriver, a snorkel, and a blow torch…i wanna call it roch”