About Rochelle

Rock singer song writer Rochelle has recently entered 4 tracks into the American Song of the Year song writing competition 2009. All 4 tracks have won Awards. Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award Winners. Rochelle has competed against song writers from all over the world for her song writing achievements in this comp.

View Rochelle's Awards on the link below:


"Miss Bad Thing" -Self Penned- Top 4 Finalist Rock Genre- American Song of the Year Song Writing Competition August 2009

"Rebel Queen" -Self Penned-Honorable Mention Rock Genre - American Song of the Year Song Writing Competition July 2009

"His Girl" -Self Penned- Runner Up Rock Genre- American Song of the Year Song Writing Competition September 2009

"Cheap Shot" - Co-Written -Honorable Mention - American Song of the Year Song Writing Competition June 2009

Rochelle is in the process of completing her self penned EP & debut album with legendary rock producer Peter Blyton (Divynls, Choir Boys, Australian Crawl, INXS) at Studio 310, Sydney, NSW Australia.

Rochelle has also studied Acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art -NIDA Sydney, Australia & at James Cook University, Nth Qld Australia. She has appeared in various Australian Television Commercials including Foxtel. Rochelle has also been an extra for Television programs for the Chanel 9 Network, Australia.

Rochelle is currently one of the Artists in the Top 20 people's choice Music OZ awards.

Industry Quotes:

“Rochelle Swift has carved out a niche for herself that I predict will make her very popular in the current music scene. She delivers the songs, the look, the sound – and the attitude -- to be a Joan Jett for a whole new generation.”

Jason Blume (Owner, Moondream Music Group/Songwriter with cuts by Britney Spears, Jesse McCartney, the Backstreet Boys, the Gipsy Kings)

"Wow........!! this little lady is high octane.! Its a long time since I have heard a performer harness so much raw energy and attitude. Great songs, great voice..........Rochelle, for sure, has the goods."

James Shipstone. Ex MD. BMG Music Publishing

"Working with Rochelle was great fun, as it should be! She knows how to create characters and tell a story that everyone can relate to encapsulated in a well constructed commercial format. I found her to be a total professional and very organised at all times and was not too precious about input from her producers and musicians. These are traits rarely found in young artists these days! Go get 'em Roch!!"

Peter Blyton-Producer ( Keith Urban, Divinyls, Choirboys, The Radiators, Michael Hutchence)

“Rochelle is an amazingly gifted songwriter / artist. Her songs demonstrate a raw edge that makes her sound unique and sets her apart from other typical pop/rock artists on radio. Complimenting her songs is her drive, determination, passion & talent. It will only be a matter of time before her hit songs get stuck in your head like some infectious disease.”

Sven Tydeman – Producer / Publisher – Kitty Groove Productions

"Sultry singer/songwriter, Rochelle Swift, is on the move as she serves up a healthy dose of old-school-cool chick rock with sass and sexy abandon. Fans of Chrissy Amphlette will love Rochelle with her deliciously honest and straight-shooting songs. Watch out for the tell-tale glint in her eye as she grabs her audience by the throat and dares you to taste test life - and rock - according to Rochelle."

Lisa Butler- Founder/Coordinator Australian Songwriters Conference

"Rochelle is a girl on a mission. Dedicating herself to the craft of songwriting and investing heavily in time, effort and training with some of the world's best songcrafting teachers she's showing early signs of becoming a singer songwriter worth following".

Zelda Sheldon - NSAI Australia Regional Coordinator and Commercial Songwriter

"Rochelle is dynamic, full of energy and a true rock chick. Watch out world if you dont know the Rebel Queen yet for you soon will! Great sound Rochelle, keep it up!"

Ric Papaluca - Adam & The Stooges Radio Show 88.5 FM 8pm-10 pm Friday's


Rebel Queen

Written By: Rochelle Swift

Rebel Queen

Hey there sucker with the ripped up jeans
I think I wanna be your rebel queen
Tell me where you from Mr Bad Arse Soldier
Can I be your girl tonight in case it gets colder

I really like your Harley wanna feel it roar
So rev it up baby – gimme some more
Let me hold on tight – forget law and order
Take me for a ride south of the border

Cause I don’t care which way the wind blows
And I don’t care about tomorrow
And I don’t I don’t care if I never,
Never know your name
You can take me anywhere
With you baby I don’t care
I just wanna be your rebel queen

Well Your face belongs on a magazine
With that wicked smile you rebel king
I gotta get outta here before I get older
So can I ride with you with my head on your shoulder

I don’t need a minder or a chaperone
I just wanna get dirty with the headlights on
I don’t need forever I won’t care
But as long as we are together take me anywhere


(Your rebel queen, your rebel queen
Na na na na na na na na nah) x4

Musical bridge/break down



Miss Bad Thing

Written By: Rochelle Swift

Miss Bad Thing

I don’t want another bad experience
For I am done with Mr Nuisance
And I don’t want to rebound either
But damn you’re hot
Man you’re quite the teaser

Welcome to my world I’m Miss Bad Thing
Just a wild kitten who’s caught up in your strings
I like to play rough
And I like to fight dirty
Born to wear these black, leather heels that hurt me

I am – Miss Bad Thing
Miss Bad Thing
Miss Bad Thing

I don’t want to live a sad existence
Now that I am done with Mr Pretence
And I don’t want to come across easy
But damn I’ve never seen a man so sexy


There’s something in your eyes
Tonight they grab me
If you play your game right
I might let you have me
I like to play rough
And I like to fight dirty
Born to wear these black,
Leather heels that hurt me
I don’t wear lace or pearls
But I’d dress it up for you
I may be a bad girl
But I’d be so good to you

I am – Miss Bad Thing
Miss Bad Thing
Miss Bad Thing
Miss Bad Thing


His Girl

Written By: Rochelle Swift

His Girl

Bad boy, tattoos and attitude (uh-oh, uh-oh)
Buys me a drink his smile
Tells me he’s in the mood (uh-oh, uh-oh)
He leans over a few seconds later
His lips touch my ear as I hear him whisper

“Your stockings are a ladder like a stairway to heaven”
Man he’s a sinner with a ticket to hell
But I don’t give a damn what anyone’s thinking
He’s gonna make me,
He’s gonna make me his girl
He’s gonna make me his girl

Big lips, kisses with gratitude (uh-oh, uh-oh)
Buys me another drink to set me in the mood
(uh- oh, uh-oh)
He grabs my jacket a few seconds later
His lips touch my ear as we leave he whispers


He might act tough like a junk yard pet
But he’s eyes are so sincere as I place my bets
His hearts so warm it’s like heaven sent
And he makes my knees go weak every time that he says




Rebel Queen
Miss Bad Thing
His Girl