Rochelle Hanson

Rochelle Hanson


Think Soul Acoustic & Jazz. An Inspirational Artist known for intimate lyrics and soothing vocals. She sounds like a crazy mix of Ella Fitzgerald, India Aire, and The Beatles. As the newest addition to Zhan're Music Group, her album is about to be nationally distributed through Warner Music.



Rochelle Hanson
Music for your mind. Message for your soul.

Rochelle Hanson. Think Soul Acoustic & Jazz. An Inspirational Artist known for intimate lyrics and soothing vocals. She sounds like a crazy mix of Ella Fitzgerald, India Aire, and The Beatles.

Rochelle has been singing ever since she could open her mouth, but it was after a close brush with death in December 2005, when she got into a car accident, that she decided to take music seriously. Today, she brings an inspirational message of hope through her music; a fresh, positive outlook on daily life.

With intimate performances and an authentic message, audiences respond to Rochelle's transparency. She takes pride in writing and performing music with strong lyrical content and smooth melodies, conveying a message that ministers directly to the soul.

Coming from a musical family, Rochelle grew up under the influence of gospel, jazz, and classical music. She started taking piano lessons when she was just 4 years old and over the years she picked up the trumpet, the flute, and the guitar. She's been on stage performing solo and with groups since she was six, loving every minute of it.

Her God given song writing ability surfaced her freshman year in high school and she's been writing lyrics, melodies, and accompaniment for the past 11 years. One of her songs, "I Will Serve You", was selected to be the theme song for Impact Toronto 2000, an international event organized by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Her latest single "He Loves You" has touched the hearts of people all around the world and her newest CD "Step Out" was just released in February, 2007, with award winning songs like �So Happy.� The fore mentioned song was also chosen to be featured in an Adventist Mission DVD, which has been circulated to all the SDA Churches in North America.

Past performances include venues and audiences of every size, from small groups of people at homeless shelters to thousands of worldwide worshippers gathered at international events, such as the General Conference meetings of her church.

Rochelle graduated with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. She worked 5 years as a radio personality at classical radio station, WAUS 90.7FM. She was accepted into Berklee College of Music with a $7,000 scholarship in 2007, but chose not to attend due to the extremely high educational costs.

Rochelle is currently in Toronto booking concerts and special events, spreading the gospel at every opportunity. She has just recently signed to the independent gospel record label Zhan're Music Group and her album is about to be nationally distributed through Warner Music Canada.


Step Out

Written By: Rochelle Hanson, Theophilous Beckles

Step Out
By Rochelle Hanson, Aaron Szpakowski, Theophilous (Da Philosapha) Beckles

Seems it was two weeks ago
Was feelin tired feelin low
Feet were draggin walkin slow
I was hurting I was yearning

Empty spaces in my soul
Circumstances diggin holes
Still I had to reach my goal

Not knowing what to do I decided to

Step Out on faith
When I realize I lost my way I gotta
Step Out on faith
When I can't go another day I gotta
Step Out on faith
And You'll be there, and I will hear you say
Step Out on faith

I take a step I close my eyes
Then I wait for my surprize
My dreams they will be realized
Now I'm singing, Laughter's ringing

Praise my God He stands behind me
Holds me as He walks beside me
Leads the way I let Him guide me
God knows what to do He will carry you


Before you speak I know exactly what you're going through
Tryin to work it out on your own, let God use you
Babies still crying, divorce rates climbing,
Steppin out in faith never had better timing

We must trust trials are the only way
That we will blossom like a flower so smile when it rains
Pray through the race walk blind in your faith
Hear the still small voice feel His mercy and grace
Step Out

When I look at my problems
When I look at my pains
I find that I can't solve them
Frustration's here to stay
So I will close my eyes
And I choose to look at You
I gaze up to the skies
Take the step you lead me to


So Happy

Written By: Rochelle Hanson & Roni Szpakowski

When I think of You I start to smile/ You are God & You make me so happy/ People look at me and wonder why I'm smiling all the time/ And I think/ Well why shouldn't I/ You make me so happy/ Jesus You make me so happy/ Yes it's true sometimes that I feel down/ Then I think of You and there goes my frown/ See there is no need to worry and there is no need to fear/ The Lord my God is ever near/ chorus/ When there's pain in my soul you come and make me whole/ If I loose direction Your love is correction/ There's no life without You so I glorify You/ I lift Your name high/Please draw nigh/ Chorus


Debut CD "STEP OUT" to be re-released under Zhan're Music Group April 12, 2008.

Debut CD "STEP OUT" released February 5, 2007.

Limited Edition Single "He Loves You" released November 2006.

Streaming tracks online at

Radio Play on "Gospel Praise" Joy 1250

Online radio play on CM Radio

Set List

40 min set of Rochelle Hanson Originals.

1) Faithful One
2) Coming Soon
3) You Are Lord
4) Come Unto Me/ Improv
5) Have Your Way
6) Perfect Will
7) Daddy's Girl
8) So Happy
9) Step Out

Other Rochelle Hanson Originals which can be added to set.
10) He Loves You
11) Liberation
12) Renew Me
13) People Might Say