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Rochelle Houses' singing isn't flashy, but shot through with qualities that support the tales she sings. She expresses the fragility of attachment, loss, or longing. She may say much by leaving much unsaid. Her voice is drenched in knowing, disappointed hope.


Rochelle house was born in san Jose California on march 19th 1960 she is the second child born into a large family of musical parents. Her father taught her the country songs that he had learned during his youth, while her mother played Miles Davis, Barbara Striesand and Dave Brubeck records continuously. As a youngster, for a minute, she studied piano. She then played the flute in school until she was forced to march in parades.
For Rochelle, deeply felt sad music brings happiness. She is a student of jazz, Sufism, compassion and social justice, salsa dancing, honesty, shamanism, love, human development, psychology, the beauty of children and old people, the freedom and healing of music and especially jazz music. She hopes to see Americans, as a people ,come to realize that Jazz is a noble and miraculous art form. One that we as a nation can be proud. . She considers jazz to be a political music and love songs to be prayers.
She makes her home in Seattle Washington where she has been raising four wild and creative young artists of her own. I the early eighties Rochelle relocated from northern California to Huntington Beach where she studied at Golden West College. She studied studio singing music theory and recording. After taking nearly twenty years away from music to focus on raising children Rochelle has returned to Jazz. Steadily becoming a devoted jazz musician. She received a bachelors degree this year from Antioch university Seattle and wants to continue to study more forever. But right now she is proud to be introducing her music to the world on her debut recording Entitled Dreams of Love . The name for this cd came from a art piece done by her then 9 year old daughter Rosemary.
The Dreams of Love cd is a collaboration with Professor Marc Seales. The first intension was to make a good record. Second to make sure that it grooved. 3rd to have round midnight on it. To make a vocal record but not at the exclusion of it being a Jazz record. Rochelle likes instrumental jazz and doesn’t’ want to have to be obedient to the tradition that expects singers to always be the focal point. She wants to play with great players and wants to create musical situations that attract great players and great listeners. Prof. Seales produced the basic tracks for the cd and Rochelle took it from there. For Rochelle it has been a labor of love. And now it is a work of art.
We hope that you will find it to be good for you soul.


Helianthella/ Little Sunflower

Written By: Rochelle House

If I lose my way,
I will lift my face
to the sun each day.

Following the movement
And learning to sing her songs.

When the evening comes,
I will wrap myself
in the cloak of night.

Lowering my head,
I'll wait
to the morning light.


"Dreams of love"
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This Cd is receiving airplay around the US in Cananda in Auststralia and throughout Europe.

Set List

Agua de beber.
round midnight
Cold world
I've grown accustomed to his face
Little Sunflower
Bye Bye black bird
How can I tell you?