Rochelle Rochelle

Rochelle Rochelle


Watch our video, and let our music speak for itself. We strive to create an new sound, and put everything into our music.


We are a newly formed band from Shippensburg, Pa trying to get our new sound from our recently recorded brand new EP out there. We strive to build something new, and we will.



Written By: Rochelle Rochelle

I know that you enjoy it, but I doubt you feel it like I do. The things you listen to, and think you understand are things that keep me going.
The things making me a man. I am a sound sculpture, a piece of art that creates noise..creates the noises you love. But can you give me that much?

You stick to the pool because the oceans are too deep. But in the shallow end, you'll drown, trust me. These vibrations are different.

I'll swat you like flies. You, with you're narrow mind, I won't even bat an eye. But at the end of the day, I need your brains just like you need mine.

These vibrations are different, but never let different become alien.


Mere Exposure (2012) (Unreleased)