Have a nice new trip with this European jam band. Be prepare to fly as high as you can when rockadelica plays!. Great songs written with emotional jams . Discover this new rock sound!.


The band started its rockexperience in the summer of 2000. Dani from Minnesota establish his home in Bilbao (spain). He met George, a well-known drummer, and they decided to create a new rock band rich in improvisation and respect for all types of rock music.
Txema, Juan and William, open-minded musicians, have been with the band throughout these six years.
They have played in many clubs, pubs and festivals around the north of Spain.
Although they make rock songs, jams are basic in their concept of music, creating an innovation in each performance.


Midnight Mary

Written By: Dani & Rockadelica

Sometimes dressed in white,
always wrapped up tight,
stuck out in the night.
I wonder if she chose to be so far from home.
She´s a pleasure trip,
Burning on your lips,
make you shake your hips,
So good to feel this way,
Sure wish that she could stay.
But now she´s found another,
He´s waiting for her undercover
could it be he´s never
felt the force of mother nature
Midnight Mary looks like you found another lover.
Midnight Mary,I know you might not be here tomorrow.
She´s been dragged around
through the underground,
so many put her down.
Those people think she´s bad,
just can´t see through her mask.
Her name ain´t always been
a lavish, seedy sin.
In fact, she´s helped some win
a little peace of mind
in life so hard to find.
But they never respect her
always hide her away from the others.
How long must she struggle,
she can´t wait forever and ever.
Midnight Mary......................

Bad Soul Sister

Written By: Dani & Rockadelica

Just hangin´round like any other day,
no special thing to think about or say.
Then Damn! Look out! Child, that´s when you came.
Now things ain´t never gonna be the same.
You´re my bad soul sister.
the words I use would never well explain,
the way my heart jumped from my chest and numbed my brain
Then from your sweet lips there come a song.
now all I want to do is sing along.
You´re my Bad Soul Sister.
And all the songs we sing, and all the love we bring, melt together in a dream.

Rumble In Town

Written By: Dani & Rockadelica

There´s talk in town
that things will never be the same.
Big, bad, bully´s back
and he´s madder than the last time he came.
Teacher shucks me the weight
Precher tells me to pray.
Cashier´s thinking about her lost sister
and the man at the door keeps asking for spare change.
Did you really think he´d believe you when you pretended to be his friend.
People are smarter than that and you should´ve known,
but I guess in all in the interest at hand.
they say a man reeps what he sows
but in reality there´s an even worse hell,
cause when a man sows fear sometimes he poisons his neighbor as well.
Gonna rock this town.
Gonna rumble down.
Gonna tumble down.
Gonna crumble down.
Last night you said "I feel I´m to blame as much as the next guy.
After all we´re the same.
I think you forgot we didn´t choose to be born
into this world we´re forced to call our home.


First album recorded in the summer of 2002 in the little town of Sopelana. Alberto´s Recording Studios made everything possible with the help of Javi Letamendia, artistic producer of the CD.
We´ve also come to know of some people who possess recordings of some of our live shows. Unfortunately the quality of these recordings are far from perfect.
Bless them for listening all the same.

Set List

We have a two hours set list. This set can be played in acustic or electric performance.
We use to play our songs with some other covers of our favorite bands: