ROCKARMA is Pure Guitar Driven Melodic Arena Rock, PRODUCED BY BILL LEVERTY OF FIREHOUSE. ROCKARMA has garned 8 - "Best of 2005" Awards. The debut album has received Heavy Rotation on "A" Playlists around the world and tons of rave reviews pouring in from fans and industry.


ROCKARMA, The Project of Damon Kelly, has been a vision for over 10 years. Damon Kelly has done everything from interactive acoustic shows to the A-Club Circuit to jam-packed arenas rockin to thousands of screaming fans to touring the Country circuit to touring with major artists to main stage slots at major Festivals. It was definitely time to execute my vision, ROCKARMA. After touring 47 weeks a year and playing so many high profile shows, a new fresh sound was needed on the musical landscape, a sound to emulate the best of the Classic Rock from the 70's and 80's with its own originality and vibrant melodic sound that is happy, fun, but tons of energy with a show that delivers, the re-birth of Rock'N'Roll, and that is ROCKARMA. With my ongoing magazine of original songs that I have written, the Debut Album was born, ROCKARMA - Rockarma. Rockarma will be recording the second album in January 2007. I Captured the Opportunity to record my debut album with BILL LEVERTY OF FIREHOUSE as producer, after I got some demo material to him. Leverty has had some 1500 hopefuls wanting him to produce their records, however unsuccessful. I have been his first production ever. This is a true rock star story as Firehouse were the guys on my wall, and a huge influence and inspiration for me, as I was in his basement with all the gold and multi-platinum records on the wall. ROCKARMA has already garned 8 - "Best of 2005" Awards for Songwriting, Guitar Work, and Production, and has collected top notch reviews from all around the globe. The accomplishments made with a show that delivers once again proves that ROCKARMA is deserving and will stand on its own as a headlining act. FRANKIE BANALI of QUIET RIOT says "Damon Kelly seems to have his finger on the pulse of a musical era reminiscent of the best of the 80's, balanced by the melodic commercial power, Buy it, and listen to it!". BILL LEVERTY of FIREHOUSE says "Rockarma's debut album is full of GREAT songs, musicianship, vocals, and overall vibe. Damon Kelly has so much talent and melodic sensibility that I was literally chomping at the bit to record him. " FIREWORKS MAGAZINE says "All in all Damon Kelly has delivered an extremely solid album choc full of excellent songwriting and excellent musicianship, it is most certainly one of the coolest things you are likely to hear this year." ARFM IN THE UK says "Bill Leverty told me to check out this new guy he was working with. Nothing could have prepared me for how good this CD is. Damon Kelly's Rockarma is awesome!" WRFR IN ROCKLAND, MAINE USA says "Damon Kelly is off to a fast start with this group and the sky is the limit!" Rockarma is also featured in Fireworks Magazine, and Bravewords and BloodyKnuckles Magazine. Listed at is tons of other quotes with perfect and near perfect reviews, along with other information, CD sales, Quotes, and Soundbytes off the debut album. ROCKARMA is ready to rock hard, and prove to the entire world what we have to offer, and we hope to have the opportunity to play your show, event, or festival that no one will want to miss! This genre of music is a timeless era that is already back full circle - people want it, need it, crave it - and ROCKARMA's Debut Album deserves to be heard, and that is just the honest truth. All the great Rock bands of the world like Firehouse, Motley Crue, Poison, AC/DC, Cinderella, Quiet Riot, and the list goes on and on are all touring and getting huge radio/video play, and big arena concerts, but theres nothing new - there needs to be a new band and new fresh sound on the musical landscape that emulates that great era with its own originality and spicy sound with a live show that delivers that no one will ever forget, AND THIS IS ROCKARMA, and we are ready to go hard. There is NOBODY that does not like this music, from my 5 year old son to my 87 year old Baba, it appeals to everyone and I am gonna continue to do whatever it takes to be one of the biggest rock'n'roll bands in the world. Just for info sake I am 32 years old, this isnt a 16 year old rockstar dream, this is who I am, my state of my mind and the rest of my life, and I think what I have accomplished to date doing all the work myself has clearly proven that I am extremely determined, ultimately passionate about what I do and my eternal dedication and drive for music. I do have the entire package to be one of the biggest rock'n'roll bands in the world, and ROCKARMA will get there. ******



Singles Released to radio:
"Rock All Night"
"Feels Like I'm Falling" (April 2006)
("The Other Side", and "I'm Lost" on some stations)

Set List

We play an all original show, with a couple select tasty cover songs to throw in the mix. The set length is negotiable to what the venue requires.