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We don't have anything streaming or on radio at this point. We are working on getting some professional recording done. However we do have one of our songs being released on a compilation CD. This is being done by 3feetmusic, an independent label.



Alex, Andrew and Devin all went to school together and met up in music class. We played in some combos together and just "clicked". We decided it would be a good idea to have a little jam session, but we needed a singer. This is where Andrew's brother Chris came in. So on that fateful afternoon in May of 2005, the first Rockenshpeil jam occurred. A short while later, we got some keys in on the situation from Miss Keely Lausch. We got one show in with her but then only a few months in, she had to move away to Halifax. So we lost our keys but kept going anyway.
After about a year we started to develop our own sound and started writing our own songs. This hasn't stopped since and we are now working on getting a bigger list of originals so we can get in the studio for some professional recording.

Coming from a small town with a big local music scene (home town of The Trews and the Evolve Music Festival) we had to have our own sound to stand out from everyone else. We befriended the other bands in town and have been working together since to get some shows on the go. From battle of the bands to some fun weekend shows we really just love to play. And what do we do when there are no shows to play at? practice until our ears bleed!