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"Adventure-Rock Band ROCKETBOAT, Have Something Different Going On!"

I owe it to my job for my discoveries of some of the most amazing indie music on the planet, and now I must add Rocketboat to that list. I usually don’t get too excited about the major part of the reviews I do, as it takes some kind of miraculous occurrence to stupefy me, after listening to about twenty new bands a day. However this band is truly amazing and I don’t use that word lightly.

I love everything about this album. It’s so original, intricate, polished. These guys really have something different going on. I’m really hoping that this is only the beginning for them, because talent like this deserves recognition. Great tunes, great instrumentation, great vocals; there is just something magical about this band from the opening song to the last. It’s been awhile since a new band has hit such a strong chord in me. “Rocketboat” is hands down one of the 5 best indie albums of the year so far.

Amidst all the regurgitated, formulaic, and “franchised” crap in the music industry nowadays, it is a joy to find rare gems. This band is one of those rare gems and this album is fantastic. It has energy, beauty, heart, soul, and spirit. The vocals are truly outstanding, and are a rare treat amidst today’s ‘Autotune brigade’. The album runs riot with catchy melodies, layered harmonies, and counter choruses. Which ultimately translate into carefully thought out arrangements, as well as tremendously tight instrumentation; the songwriting is excellent as well.

I’m not often taken by surprise by a band, but this one snuck up and caught me off guard. From the opening track “Who Cares?”, the vocals are gorgeous and the music is oh-so-catchy. And it just gets better! When the chorus for “Ray Guns Under The Sun” kicked in, I was already feeling like I haven’t felt since the early 80's, listening to the first couple of Big Country albums. All through the album Rocketboat don’t limit their sonic palette, and then do a whole lot of really cool stuff with those crunching guitar riffs, fired-up rhythms and ever-present, soaring vocals.

Rocketboat remind me of a few of some my favorite artists, but in truth they sound like none of them. It has been several years since I have heard a band that allows themselves to love their music so much that you can almost hear it in their voices, their rhythms, and their lyrics. Standout tracks abound, though my favorites are: “Ray Guns Under The Sun,” “Pinholes,” “Olympia Gold,” “Lost,” “Nothing” and “Fell In Love.”

From the sound of their debut album, Rocketboat will be taking on the mantra of awesome and unpretentious alternative rock band, pretty soon. I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing this album – this is an introduction to a band that may very well represent a positive change in the industry! -

"Rocketboat | Rocketboat!"

The spaceship takes off and so does Rocketboat with “Who Cares?” from their new LP Rocketboat, made available online November 13th. Collin Magdaz (Lead Vocals/Synthesizer), Marc Adrian (Guitar), Josh Hanchar (Bass), and Andrew Dumaresq (Drums) will officially release the LP December 7th at the Abbey with Polarcode.

The opener is a triumphant piece that heaps on the attention grabbing melodies. Hooks, they can write ‘em. “Lauraine” introduces an electric piano figure that is addressed to the realm of pop, once the drums come. Colin makes full use of his range on this one. His Freddie Mercury emulations reminded me of Queen at times and the general vibe is one similar to the more cabaret-like efforts of Panic! At the Disco tunes.

Self-love…narcissism, it’s not for me to say but the third song is called “Rocketboat.” No lie, it’s a great phrase. The song has an uplifting chorus full of resolve? Rocketboat is not for sale, but I want a ticket. The intro to the next song feels suspended until the band introduces some accents along with the groove to “Ray Guns Under the Sun.” High energy, ray gun blasts of Rocketboat really make the bridge. “No Consolation” offers up some serious highs and lows. The chorus is catchy and singable.

The gentlemen in Rocketboat like to Rock and throw around sci-fi terminology. No problem, they do a good job of it. A few other standout track include “Lost”, “Music Girls and Space” as well as a ballad that slows the pace tastefully “Nothing.” The entire record is really well produced. It was recorded by the band themselves in Hammond, Indiana and sent to Sean O’Keefe for the mixing process. -


Rocketboat (2012)



Rocketboat is an American adventure-rock band. Members Collin Magdaz, Marc Adrian, Josh Hanchar, and Andrew Dumaresq produce a sound forged in the embers of punk and post-modern rock that is dynamically rooted in science fiction and video games. Their 12 track self-titled debut album is now available. Rocketboat has ignited in 2012 and is steadily gaining momentum. The group released its first full-length album “Rocketboat” in November as well as their official music video for the single “Who Cares?” which can be seen on This was followed by a release show at the Abbey Pub in December, which can be viewed on the band's YouTube Channel.