The Rocket Man Band - Elton John Tribute

The Rocket Man Band - Elton John Tribute

 Clearwater, Florida, USA

Watch our live videos. Look at our live photos.
Our show is an EXACT re-enactment of an early 80's Elton John concert. Gorgeous replica costumes, 4 piece vocals, faster tempos & an 8' RED piano! A magical, musical event that includes hit after hit, with NO cheese or cheap Party Store sunglasses!!!


Please visit for full HD videos.

So you like Elton John, huh? Yes? No? Well too late! You've somehow managed to navigate the matrix that is the world wide web and dodge all those Viagra/ free credit score/ cheap car insurance/ woman seeking man type thingys and you've landed slap bang in the middle of our Rocket Man show. Now, let's get down to brass tacks. I am not a Jack of all trades. I won't blabber on about how amazing I am at everything because I am not. I am not an acclaimed Broadway actor. I am not a TV extra. Nor am I a comedian, model, plumber, funeral planner or crab fisherman. Try Craigslist for those. I am a singer and I play piano. That's it. It's my full time job. It's all I've ever known. I have thousands of performances under my belt, ranging from smokey, hole in the wall biker bars to casinos to festivals to concert halls to cruise liners. You want more than an entertainer. You want entertainment. This, luckily, is not as easily accomplished by fake or pre-recorded audio and video samples. This is where I come in. If you're still reading then it's time for me to get to the point. I am Rus Anderson. My Elton John act is what I work on morning, noon and night. The difference with me and other entertainers is simple: I actually portray Elton John, not the 'idea' of Elton John. I don't perform a novelty, comedic, stupid, cheesy caricature of him. I have spent years perfecting his piano playing, vocals and mannerisms. I have spent thousands of dollars on head to toe exact replica costumes, NOT cheap, made in china, generic sequined outfits or halloween store party sunglasses. If Elton John sees my portrayal, I want to make him proud. I am an ASCAP member. My performances are fully licensed and insured. I am endorsed by The Official Elton John Fanclub. I am happily married to the most beautiful girl in the world. I do not drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs. I have a pet iguana.
I am British, therefore I have a REAL British accent.
In fact, I am so sure you'll like my act that I have posted many videos and photos of live performances for you to enjoy. I don't try to trick you by lip-synching or staging a crappy demo video. I leave that to the other guys.
What you see is what you get. Seriously, watch the videos in HD - those are REAL gigs and that's a REAL audience!
You'll find out more when you hire me.


Now, about my show!
I am Florida's ONLY official Elton John Tribute Show, as endorsed by 'Hercules - The International Elton John Fanclub'.

In what was described as "A MUST-SEE show - as extravagant as Elton's career" by The St Petersburg Times, I bring an exciting performance to the American public, complete with a full band and sound production team, costume designer (wearing items actually worn by Elton himself) an 8 foot red piano and an ultra-modern LED and laser light show. (over $10,000 worth!)
I sing and play piano LIVE, giving the audience Elton John's greatest hits, exact replica costumes and an energetic and memorable night - filled with participation. Together, they and I run, not walk down the Yellow Brick Road and relive the highs and lows of Elton's long career. There are ballads and driving rock songs. People will cry, laugh and sing along, not always in that order.

My Rocket Man live performances include the following songs:

Saturday Night
The Bitch Is Back
I'm Still Standing
Your Song
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Bennie & The Jets
Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
Take Me To The Pilot
Tiny Dancer
Rocket Man
Crocodile Rock
Made In England
Lucy In The Sky
Honky Cat
Candle In The Wind
Kiss The Bride
Border Song
Captain Fantastic
Don't Let The Sun Go Down
Philadelphia Freedom
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
The One
Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters
The Bridge
Sad Songs
Written In The Stars
Step Into Christmas
Sixty Years On
Empty Garden
Pinball Wizard
and many, many more......


Me (Rus Anderson): Yamaha Digital 8' Red Grand Piano, Shure SM58 wireless microphone.
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul with various fx gear. Shure mic.
Bass: Custom made 5 string. Shure mic.
Drums: Concert series acoustic rock set. Shure mic.

I provide all backline, PA, grand piano, stage and lighting effects.**
**Further details & rider information are available on request.

The show is an EXACT re-enactment of an early 1980's Elton John live performance, featuring several elaborate and colorful costumes!
Each costume has been professionally designed and tailored to exactly match iconic looks from Elton's 4 decades on stage.
(Clients can select their favorite costumes from a catalogue for each performance!)
Show duration is usually 60 mins to 120 mins.

A little bit about me!

In Glasgow, Scotland, I grew up 'on the road' with my dad - a very successful cabaret singer - & had the chance to meet many celebrities, watch

Set List

For a Rocket Man Band Elton John tribute concert' , a typical show is as follows:

1 x 90 minute continuous set of Elton John Catalogue Hits. (3-4 costume changes, approx 15 greatest hits)


2 x 60 minute sets of Elton John Catalogue Hits, with a break of no less than 20 minutes between sets. (5-6 costume changes, approx 20 greatest hits)

* Times can be adjusted to suit venue-specific requirements.