Rocket Miner

Rocket Miner

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The band has performed with other sonically-minded bands (Junius, Spindrift, The End of the Ocean, Secret Colours, Cowboy Indian Bear) as well as those from overseas (Denmark's The Foreign Resort; Brazil's Labrinto), and have taken to simply giving away old merch at their shows - a gentlemanly offering for a band who, much like their own songs, are on the brink of something huge.

Rocket Miner just released their full length album "Elegy". Out now!


Coming from the same city that’s home to two post-metal heavy hitters, Russian Circles and Pelican, Chicago’s Rocket Miner have carved a decidedly non-metal niche for themselves within the scene. Where Rocket Miner really stand out, not only from their hometown contemporaries, but in the genre as a whole, is their ability to write songs that don’t adhere to some of post-rock’s more tried and truecharacteristics. But while Russian Circles and Pelican take darker turns and incorporate metal-esque riffing, Rocket Miner's songs tend to blossom in slow-motion, like flowers blooming, giving plenty of time to allow the sweeping grandeur to earn its reward.


(2011) "Songs For An October Sky" [EP]

Set List

Rocket Miner is capable of performing a 45 minute set of all original material. In addition, the group travels with a projector to show video footage during their performance.