Rockets and Cars

Rockets and Cars


A gem out of New York City. Fusing the sounds of the modern day NYC and UK rock n' roll scene with the punk lifestyle of the 1970's, Rockets and Cars has developed an original field of music. Armed with catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics, these boys show no sign of stopping.


Vocalist TJ Rosental writes the lyrics and music for Rockets and Cars. Inspired by the punk rock phenomenom in London and NYC in the 70's, Rosenthals' melodies remind us of bands like The Clash and The Ramones. His lyrics are influenced by his observations as a Lower East Side local. Rosenthal played minor league baseball after college, but had to retire his bat after spraining his ankle during a night of heavy drinking. Today, he is back on his feet, rocking New York City venues with the rest of Rockets and Cars.


In 2004, Rockets and Cars released their full length album, "Conversations at 20,000 Feet."
Since then, they have been teasing their growing fan base with the singles they put up on their website and myspace site.

In 2006, the band will release their Self-Titled Album.

Set List

The Rockets and Cars core set is:

Police State
It Comes Around
Johnny's Just a Kid
Late Night
Shot the Man
Secret: No Foreign
Was That you Laughing?
Page Six
The Protest.

Often, the band will throw in a Clash or Misfits cover.