Rocket Science

Rocket Science


Once upon a time rock n' roll killed poetry and the television broke.


We are two white kids who live in the upper part of North Carolina. The original name for our band was the Tongue Friction Massacre but the connotation turned a lot of people off. After three and a half years of not playing because of a head injury we decided to give it a go. Our songs are about prostitutes, haunted hotels, jobs, amphetimene addicts, zombies, long walks, conformity, and love. Hope you like them.


Goodbye Motown

Written By: Adam Thorn

The beans in the coffee can are shaking every connection that you had is breaking
It’s so clear now away from you clear things in view
At least it’s real know how to feel
Press the backs of your hands to your eyes because now you see what you didn’t want to realize
Spinning around like gasoline huff it spit it out
Against my will I’ll love you still
Butting heads with the other side of this beast
Two sided coin you don’t want to meet
And now you’re down in an ancient tomb you can hear the tune bodies have been removed
Fall into the bathroom sink and learn to swim with an ancient shark there
Black boys know how to wear their pants even white girls learn how to dance
You and me got to live in this historic district
Love money hoes your drug money knows I’m chained to it

Just a body wasting on this planet hey it’s bizarre man can you stand it
See the hipsters in the park practicing their lines cool and dark
As this disease transfers from your arms to mine
Learn to fall in the bathroom sink and swim with an ancient shark
Holding out your left hand and when it bleeds I know you’ll understand
It takes a wound to heal a wound

Sister (We Forgot to Be Afraid)

Written By: Rachel Thorn

I’ve got a boring life so entertain me
With computer programs and television screens
Do you punch them out or like a rerun just get played out
Hey let’s all look and listen at the same time
So we can savor the better things in life though I’ve forgotten how

Somewhere along the line we forgot to be afraid of our own strained minds
I know I’ll never catch those dreams I been chasing so thick
Scarecrow’s arm coming through my sleeve
To you I run and to you I leave
All my yesterdays have been obscured by these new friends I’ve made
I keep on highlighting these memories
But all I wanna do is toss them in the wine in your hand

I keep walking up and down the names I got a chill so hard
It’s just the pill I took last night before I went to sleep
Giving into what I could not fight
It’s such a sad sad sad sad sight
Mom I’m feeling numb, my fingers don’t work, my feet they buckle up
I used to captivate you so
Was it just another dream I guess I wouldn’t know
I keep on highlighting these memories but all I want to do is toss them over the edge
I keep on highlighting these memories but all I want to do is toss them over the edge
Call and response call and response
Turning me on turning me off.


2010 - Self-Titled EP. Available at

Set List

1. The Vampire of Latham Park
2. Angelbot Medley (Don't Taze Me/I'm Not Your Robot)
3. Alienation, Population 1
4. Goodbye Motown
5. Big Circle/Little Circle
6. Little Stone
7. Gainfully Employed
8. It Was the 80s
9. Sound Asleep
10. Animal Vegetable Miracle
11. Deserter
12. Sister
13. Like A Virgin (Madonna)
14. Valley of Flies

Our sets run between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on time constraints.