Rock Four

Rock Four



Israeli psych pop quartet RockFour are tough to pigeon-hole. Formed in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon, they began playing together during military service, and developed a repertoire of original songs in Hebrew and English. Tipping their berets to the Moody Blues, Teardrop Explodes and The Zombies, RockFour convincingly married The Byrds & Bowie, updating it with 21st century panache. In 2000, four albums in, RockFour made the controversial switch to English lyrics – which immediately catapulted them onto the international scene and branded them Israel’s finest (and only?) rock export. And they haven’t let up: RockFour is now well on it’s way to conquering the world with a unique brand of neo-psychedelia and progressive pop. It’s a mix that works: Rock Four have sold over 30,000 records in the Middle East and Europe.


Nationwide 2004
Another Beginning 2002
For Fans Only 2003

Set List

You Said
Next Monroe
Wild Animals