Rock Garden

Rock Garden


On their debut album, Rock Garden deliver ten pop/rock gems characterized by driving beats, great drums and bass work, and solid vocal deliveries. All sprinkled with infectiously powerful guitar hooks and riffs. This is classic addictive power-pop that does not allow you to sit still.


Rock Garden is a four piece band from Ontario, Canada that combines elements of power pop and classic rock to create energetic, passionate music.
If you enjoy music by The Romantics or The Knack, Rock Garden is for you.
The members: Terrance Dawson (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Zsuzsana Dawson (Keyboard, Vocals), Adam Clarke (Vocals, back up instruments), Ray Porrill (Percussion), are unique in the sense they represent a wide range of ages as well as musical styles. This means the band is able to write some great songs due to their combined life experiences.

If anything comes across in their new single, Wanna Be Bad, it is the passion and charisma that emanates from the group.

According to Dawson (lead vox/guitar):
“Our lyrics range from being deeply introspective and poetic, to saucy and suggestive. We play intricate powerful guitar melodies. Our vocals are melodic, and the drums are jazz-influenced. Rock Garden is rock at its most diverse, with our classic rock roots and big nods to jazz, folk and straight up blues.”


Wanna Be Bad

Written By: Terry Dawson and Zsuzsana Dawson

Wanna Be Bad (c) 2011 Terry Dawson and Zsuzsana Summer Dawson

I wanna be bad, cuz being good hurts
My heart's been open too long taking blows and cruel words
I'm gonna be bad, fly close to the sun
Feel the burn and laugh in its face - wanna be the baddest one

If they tell me not to do it I will
I'll do anything for the sake of a thrill
Cross the line to the dark side just to see how it feels
I wanna be bad

All my life I've been toeing the line
Saying please and thank you and yes, that's fine
But those that make it are selfish and tough
I've been so good - now I've got to get rough - I wanna be bad

I made Mama and Papa happy, I was always good as gold
Teacher always liked me, doin' what I'm told
But my lovers they all left me, without a hand to hold
Gotta break the mold, gotta get real bold, gonna be bad


Debut CanCon rock single "Wanna Be Bad":
Released RDR/DMDS 10/1/2012 to Rock radio

Top-10 Canadian Indie Active Rock
#35 CanCon Active Rock (12/2/2012)
#114 Mediabase Active Rock (12/2/2012)
Mediabase audience 1,000
BDS audience 1,200

Rock Garden CD released in North America July 2012

Wanna Be Bad
You Do Me Good
La La Land
Cryin' Shame
Fremont Street
Hell Bent for Alberta
Been Here Before
Come On Get Your Groove On