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Maggie Schneider

Atlanta, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Atlanta, GA
Established on Jan, 2014
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"12 Bands To Watch Out For"

Singer-songwriter Maggie Schneider is creating a mesmerizing cover of your favorite song before you've even had the chance to hit "repeat." The Atlanta native hit the ground in a full-on sprint after her 2018 EP, "Tinted Glasses." Who has time for a breather when you're joining bands such as State Champs and Sleep On It onstage? Poetic honesty wrapped in a whole lot of spunk means one thing: Keep both eyes on this emerging songstress. - Alternative Press Magazine (Print)

"TV Performance on ATL & Company"

Watch my performance on 11Alive's ATL & Company - ATL & Company

"Pop Punk Princess Maggie Schneider Rocks Aisle 5"

"Friday night at Aisle 5 was an excellent show - one where Maggie brought a lot to the table and featured a “something old, something new” approach. One of my personal favorite things about watching her perform live is you can't help but have a giant smile the whole time. You can look around the room and if someone's paying attention to what's happening on stage, they're grinning ear to ear with joy. There is an overwhelming positive energy at every one of her concerts and that's no small accomplishment." - Georgia Local Spotlight

"EXCLUSIVE: Maggie Schneider takes us track by track through ‘Tinted Glasses’"

Do you remember the very specific brand of pop music that was born of the days of Myspace? That’s what comes to mind whenever I listen to Maggie Schneider‘s new Tinted Glasses EP. There’s a raw sense of authenticity that courses through the veins of this release that could only come from the kind of dedication and hustle that made up the attitude of that genre in the middle-aughts. She’s got a voice with enough power to move even the most stoic and statuesque of people to feel something and her time spent with producer (and drummer for All Time Low) Rian Dawson was clearly put to good use as each and every song on the record has its own undeniable power.

She was kind enough to break down each track on the EP for us, and when asked about the record as a whole said “All four songs on Tinted Glasses are very personal and are about the experiences and memories that have shaped me as both a young woman and as an artist. The EP explores the highs and lows of life and relationships; it’s about how I’ve grown up in the last year, and the moments and people that have impacted my life thus far. I’m thankful for both the ups and downs because they’ve made me a stronger person and have enriched my music. I hope that people feel connected to these songs.” - Substream Magazine

"First Listen: Maggie Schneider Offers Honesty + Feminism on EP, ‘Tinted Glasses’"

Maggie Schneider is making noise, and she’s not afraid to take on any of life’s issues. The songstress just recorded her new EP with the help of All Time Low’s Rian Dawson at Track Happy Studios, and the collection is sure to win you over—either with stories of growing up, open-hearted honesty, or unwavering feminism.

The collection, titled Tinted Glasses, is set to release tomorrow, but we have the exclusive first listen, which includes “Chuck Bass”. A song dedicated to the (very) problematic Gossip Girl character, Schneider encourages women to advocate for their rights and generally be bad-asses.

Along with “Chuck Bass”, Tinted Glasses offers three other songs that introduce us to Maggie’s unique version of vulnerability and optimism, and we’re super excited to get to know her better. Hit play on the full EP below. - iDobi Radio

"Singer-Songwriter Maggie Schneider Exclusively Premieres Music Video for 'Chuck Bass'"

At first glance, Maggie Schneider looks like the adorable All-American girl next door. Look at little closer and even better, listen and you just might find that this apple-cheeked spitfire might just be one of the voices for a new generation of feminist badasses. A writing major at the Savannah College of Art & Design/Atlanta (SCAD), Schneider has been singing, writing down songs and speaking her mind ever since she can remember.

She already has one album, Insomniac, under her belt and is set to drop an EP called Tinted Glasses in January 2018. But before you get visions of Tracy Chapman or Ani DiFranco, take a look at her new video. Inspirer has teamed up with Maggie Schneider to bring you the premiere of her music video for her new song, “Chuck Bass.”

We were also curious to find out what makes the next gen tick and after a quick chat with Schneider we feel a little more secure with the future in this oh-so unpredictable world. We think you’ll find her fresh voice inspiring.

“Chuck Bass” was written in the spirit of supporting women. Why are songs about social justice and affecting change so important to you?

I think that we need more songs about social justice especially in times like these where it seems like the world is divided. Music is a universal language that offers the ability to spread these messages both peacefully and beautifully.

“Chuck Bass” is a sassy song all about women standing up for themselves and valuing honesty and integrity in relationships, over wealth and status. It’s about how I can’t be bought. My song is a positive reminder of how much strength we have as women, and I think that this is an important topic to be expressed in music. It is up to us to celebrate each other and make a difference in the world without diminishing our male counterparts.

Who are your female heroes, musically, poetically and even politically?

I have many female heroes whom I look up to for inspiration. First off, my mom is my biggest female hero. She has been my rock since I was a baby, and the most supportive figure in my life. She is strong, hardworking, and incredibly kind; I strive to be as good-hearted as her.

Musically, Lady Gaga has been one of my biggest inspirations over the years. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was 11 years old, and I just saw her perform live for the first time. She is an incredibly honest artist, and I admire the ways that she sincerely expresses her struggles and pain through music. She also continues to address the issue of equality in this country, but does so by promoting love and kindness over hatred and fear. We need more female artists like Lady Gaga, P!nk, and Demi Lovato to continue making great music that connects us all together. That’s my biggest goal.

Women have fostered fear in one another through jealousy or whatever other emotions. How do you support other women without prejudice?

Women need to stick together – that’s all there is to it. We can’t continue fostering fear, jealousy, and anger in one another because it is going to lead to horrible isolation. Instead of bringing other women down, I always do my best to raise them up.

All of the women I know are talented in the arts, athletics, education, and more. I strive to support them in every way I can, and to learn from what they do. I also continue to collaborate with women so that we can all learn and succeed together! It’s important to remember that supporting others doesn’t take away from our own successes.

I want my music to inspire all generations of women to chase their dreams no matter what. If we all do this and support one another, the world will become an even more beautiful place.

How supportive is SCAD in fostering your career?

Being a full-time student at the Savannah College of Art and Design has been one of the most amazing and creative experiences of my life so far. The students and faculty alike have been incredibly supportive of my artistic endeavors, both in school and onstage, and I think that my music has definitely benefitted from taking classes at SCAD.

Whether I am taking a writing class or a design class, SCAD has really expanded my horizons as a musician, and has given me the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. This creative diversity has sparked my songwriting and inspires me to become the best artist I can be.

I also count SCAD president Paula Wallace as an inspiration. The things she’s done for both artists and students alike are incredible. SCAD was my first choice and the only college I applied to, and I’m really thankful for her giving me a creative place to learn! - Inspirer - Holly Aguirre

"Maggie Schneider Plays Warped Tour"

"One of this year's Warped Tour local picks is Atlanta's very own, Meggie Schneider. The pop-rock singer songwriter will be one of the last Georgia artists to grace the Warped tour stage. So I reached out to Schneider to learn more about this exciting experience." - Georgia Local Spotlight

"Rise Rock n' Shine: Maggie Schneider + Sofya Wang"

Who: Maggie Schneider loves to steal our hearts with her sweet honest tunes.

What: Remember when PlugInStereo released “Oh Darling”? “Pretend” is like that, only even cuter.

Why: Maggie’s latest track is downright adorable and takes you back to your first date. (Plus did we mention how catchy it is?)

FFO: idobi Radio

“My newest single ‘Pretend’ is about falling in love with your best friend and all of the feelings that go along with that. It’s about not wanting to ruin the friendship but also longing to try something new and take that next step. We wanted the song to feel cute and innocent, like two kids that have crushes on each other but are too shy to admit it. The lyric video (directed by Deanna Elise) captures that same feeling, and I hope the song allows people to reminisce on their first relationships.”

Find Maggie Schneider on Facebook, Twitter, and her official website. - iDobi Radio

"Alternative Press Weekly Roundup"

Produced by All Time Low's Rian Dawson at Track Happy Studios, Tinted Glasses is Schneider's first EP. - Alternative Press

"Exclusive Interview with Singer/Songwriter Maggie Schneider"

Singer/songwriter Maggie Schneider started 2018 with a bang as she released her EP, Tinted Glasses. I got the chance to talk with Schneider, who is as sweet as she is talented. We talked about how she balances her up-and-coming music career with her studies, what it was like to work with Rian Dawson, from All Time Low, on her EP, the story behind her single, “Chuck Bass” and so much more. Keep reading to see what she had to say!

What age did you take the step into making and performing music?

I have been into music since a really young age. I was in theatre and started out with that. When I was four, I was in Annie. That was my first experience performing. I started performing more seriously around 15/16. Even before that I was in an acoustic duo and a ton of different bands. But early mid-teens is when I thought to myself, “No, I really want to do this and try and make some dreams come true.”

Going off of that, when you were 15/16, was there something or someone that pushed you into realizing then was the time to start making your dreams come true?

It is funny because it kind of happened in a spontaneous way. There is this venue called The Masquerade. They were looking for an opener for Allison Weiss, who is a great singer/songwriter from California. I had been listening to her for a little while and thought, “Huh. Well, maybe I should submit my stuff and see if maybe I could open for her.” I sent them my information, and they took a chance on me. That was kind of my first transition into playing more serious shows.

In general, though, what gave me the inspiration to play music and everything, definitely starting at a young age, the Jonas Brothers [laughs], Demi Lovato, all of the Disney Channel stars, and all of the music coming out there. All Time Low was a really, really big influence on me, they kind of brought me into the world of pop-punk and rock music. Once I heard them I was like, “Okay, I really want to make music like this.”

If I was reading correctly, you’re still in school right?

Yeah, I am. I am a sophomore at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Oh cool! What do you study?

I’m studying writing. I love writing about music, that’s like another passion of mine. It’s really helped with song-writing, putting myself out there as a musician and being more creative, because it is an arts school and its a super creative environment anyway. At SCAD I have the chance to take visual arts classes, then I take journalism classes and fiction classes. All of that stuff really helps me as an artist. I love my school.

Have you found it challenging trying to balance your up-and-coming music career and school?

Luckily, I love staying busy. When I have a day to myself, not doing anything, I find myself thinking, “Huh. I’m a little bored.” It hasn’t been too overwhelming. I try to do my school work early, then on the weekends I can play shows, publicize my music and all of that stuff. It really adds more to my music, because I feel like its really influenced me as an artist, doing visual art and learning how to write in all different styles. It’s super great to go to school everyday, its so colorful, there is art everywhere…to be inspired in that environment.

Moving on to talk about your music. You just released your new EP, Tinted Glasses. How would you describe the EP’s sound?

I think it’s on kind of the singer-songwriter side but also with a little bit of a pop-rock edge. I went to the studio with Rian Dawson [All Time Low], that was a great experience. I gave him 12 songs before I went into the studio. He really encouraged me to branch out of the pop-punk scene just a tad and get a broader audience with more pop/singer-songwriter songs. Frank Turner, I always say he’s kind of an influence of these new songs, then also Paramore and a lot of the female-fronted pop bands.

Talking about Rian, what was it like to work with him and how did that relationship come about?

It was really, really special. I went up there for a weekend to track another song, for another band who was working with Rian. I went up there for a couple of days, and on the last day he said, “You know, you should come up and record your own stuff.” Immediately I was like, “Really? That’s an option? You would like to work with me again?” Because I’ve looked up to them since middle school, so singing and playing piano for one of my middle school heroes was a huge deal. He was like, “No, come back.” A few months later I scheduled it with him, and I came back and recorded the tracks with him in the summer. I think in late June we did all four songs. It was great. It was such a cool experience. His studio is in Nashville. I love Nashville so automatically it was super fun and inspiring. He was just so supportive the whole way, he still is. I keep him updated on what I’m doing, and he’s super happy to be part of the EP.

You just talked a little bit about recording, but talk a little bit about the writing process. You mentioned how you gave Rian 12 songs before you started recording, so a) what was your process like for writing those and b) how did you pick the four that were going to be on the EP?

I started writing all of these songs last winter. I was feeling inspired. A lot of things were going on in my life. I tend to write songs in spurts. I don’t write when I’m not inspired, because I want the songs to be honest, real and relatable to me. I wrote all of the songs in a 2-3 month period. I really liked all of them, and I demo’d them out. I thought that Rian would really help choose the ones that were the most cohesive and had the strongest writing, because obviously All Time Low are fantastic song writers. I sent him all 12 demos in an email and told him to let me know his thoughts, because I really trust his judgement. He got back to me a few days before I went in. We talked about the ones he thought were the strongest. We agreed, so that was good. He was really helpful in choosing them. Luckily they were all cohesive, because at first we thought, “Well, should we just put one out now?” All of them really mesh well together.

Talk a little bit about your single, “Chuck Bass.” What was the inspiration behind it? I’m assuming that the title comes from Gossip Girl.

I wanted to write a positive anthem about the strength we have as women, and the importance of valuing honesty in relationships, because I’ve had my own experience with dishonesty in relationships. I wanted to write a more positive song to empower women and help them move past those things, because obviously we’re in a time now where there is a lot of stuff going on in the world. I think it’s important to highlight the negative things, but also find positivity in it. Find our voices, and find our confidence to say something.

Of course the name “Chuck Bass” is after the Gossip Girl character, because I’m a fan of the show. I thought his character is kind of the antithesis of honesty, no matter how charming he can be. In a lot of ways he’s the opposite of what we deserve as women, which is loyalty, honesty and integrity over wealth and someone’s social status.

I’ve been listening to your EP all week and I my favorite, hands down, is “Break” featuring Alex Crain.

Thank you so much!

I was just curious: how did that collaboration with Alex come about and what’s the story behind this song?

Alex Crain is one of my best friends, and we started writing songs together last winter as well. We became really, really close friends. He brought the chorus to me and said, “Hey, would you like to finish this with me?” because he had had the chorus for over a year and just didn’t really know how to finish it. We both love duets and musical theatre and wanted to make something really powerful and kind of intense in a way production-wise. We sat down and wrote the song in a night. I think it was the first song that we wrote together. It was a really special song to us. It’s really about the highs and lows of relationships, wanting to hold on to someone so tightly and wanting to make it work, but there is distance between two people and how to deal with that, move past that. He’s fantastic, and he’s playing a lot more shows with me right now. Its fun to collaborate with him.

Is there a track, whether it’s one you have already released on this EP or one you have yet to release, that you feel best represents you and who you are and who you are as an artist?

It’s always so hard, because they’re all my babies. But I’ll say “695 North Avenue,” which is on the EP and has a lot to do with The Masquerade, which is the venue in Atlanta that I started playing shows at. That place is really my musical home, so that song really has to do with all the memories I’ve made there. I even met Alex Crain at The Masquerade. I’ve had a lot of memories there, met a lot of friends there and had some great experiences. I think that really highlights who I am as an artist, my optimistic view and also that I’m super thankful for all of the experiences that I’ve had.

On the more personal side, I would have to say “Tinted Glasses” is the most personal song on the EP for me. Once again, like “Break,” it has to do with the ups and downs of a relationship, wanting to stay, wanting to fix something, but unfortunately it doesn’t work out. I think those two specifically were the most fun to write and show who I am.

I just have a few quick questions left. Who would be your dream tour mate and why?

It’s between two. All Time Low, definitely, because I think that would be super fun. Their set is incredible and every song, I would dance to all of them every night. Also DNCE, just because I love them. I love their stage show and they have such high energy. Not to mention, Joe Jonas has been my crush since elementary school.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not making music or studying?

I love getting coffee [laughs], which is a really small thing, but there are so many cute local coffee shops in and around Atlanta that I love going to. I love meeting friends there, going to record stores and hanging out with friends. Obviously going to concerts, because I’m a concert junkie. [laughs]

What is your go-to coffee order?

Right now it’s been a vanilla latte. It kind of depends on where I go, but right now I love my vanilla latte. I’m sad that Starbucks doesn’t keep the eggnog latte year round. I would drink it all year long. But yeah, vanilla latte for my warm order and a cold brew with cream for my cold order.

Our website is called Talk Nerdy With Us — what do you nerd out over?

I love John Hughes movies.

Which one is your favorite?

Ferris Bueller.


Oh, yeah. I can practically quote the whole thing. [sighs] So good. I just love those coming-of-age movies. Whenever I’m sick I’ll just put on Ferris Bueller or The Breakfast Club or something and quote the whole movie and feel comforted. I know what’s going to happen, and I know there is going to be a happy ending.

Last question: 2018 has already seen the release of your EP. What else can we expect from you music-wise this year?

I’m definitely playing a ton more shows. I like to play once-a-month or so in Atlanta. I’m playing a show in New York City in March, which is super exciting. It’s my first show in New York. It’s at The Bitter End, which is the oldest rock-and-roll club in the city. I’ve always wanted to play there, because Lady Gaga got her start there. I’m just going to continue to write songs, keep collaborating with Alex and hopefully record some more stuff with Rian over the summer.

Schneider’s EP, Tinted Glasses, is available now on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

To find out more information, check Maggie’s website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. - Talk Nerdy With Us

"Maggie Schneider - 695 North Avenue"

‘695 North Avenue’ is a heartfelt and nostalgic pop ballad, filled with warming memories of Maggie’s musical home. It’s an upbeat, feel-good track, filled with sweet lyrics and warming vocals that keep you from sitting still whilst listening to it!

To a listener unfamiliar with Schneider’s relationship with The Masquerade, the song sounds like a classic love song but if you listen closely, there are some clever references to the venue, such as the line “we’ve been to all three stages of the afterlife”- portraying the three interior stages at The Masquerade: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. - Xune Mag

"Maggie Schneider Releases New EP, Tinted Glasses"

This New Year, be on the lookout for Maggie Schneider, a new artist hitting the scene with her EP, Tinted Glasses, which is set for release on January 12th.

Produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low, Tinted Glasses offers a look into the perspective of a strong optimistic female, learning lessons and navigating through life. Maggie is a singer/songwriter who’s also a talented piano, ukulele, and tambourine player. If that’s not impressive enough, she also plays “a little” bass. Growing up around music and theatre, Schneider was introduced to all kinds of different bands and artists.

“I was inspired my whole life to pick up a guitar and a microphone,” said Schneider.

Not only is Maggie rocking the music scene, but she’s also a student at the Savannah College of Arts Design, majoring in writing.

“I love talking about music and writing about it, if i weren’t in the music, or on stage rather, i’d definitely take it in from the other perspective,” she said.

Although Maggie is largely inspired by All Time Low and State Champs, she did add, “I also love the Jonas Brothers. They were the first musicians to really inspire me to write my one songs.”

With Rian Dawson producing her EP, Maggie called it a “huge dream come true.” Along with those bands, Maggie also enjoys female fronted artists like Paramore, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.

Setting an example for girls everywhere, Schneider recently put out a video for her newest single, “Chuck Bass.”

She said of her single, “I really wanted to write a girl power song because I feel like we need more of those. Especially in these times right now, it can be kind of sad looking at the news and seeing everything that’s going on. But I think if girls stick together and if we remain positive and create things that are about empowering women rather than putting them down, I think that’s a really important thing.”

This “sassy little song” is just one of the four on the new EP, which also includes a song called “Tinted Glasses,” about viewing the world through an optimistic lens. Describing this as a more serious song, she hopes to get personal with her listeners.

She said of the song, “Usually i’m a very optimistic person and I look at the world with a very rosy perspective and so I kind of wanted to show the juxtaposition between being an optimist and wanting everything to work out with this person, but also kind of feeling lost and hopeless like the song talks about.”

The EP also features “695 North Avenue,” a song that pays tribute to the venue that allowed Schneider to grow. Most of all, it’s a track that Maggie would say describes her as an artist and represents where she started.

“I grew up at the old Masquerade location and it was really how i started playing music. The venue’s booking agents and everyone from the security guards to the interns were so welcoming to me, and it really gave me a place to grow as an artist,” Maggie said.

Along with the aforementioned tracks, fans can listen to “Break,” which features one of Maggie’s best friends and singer/songwriter, Alex Crain. Schneider compares this track to “Tinted Glasses” and it’s a must-hear on the EP.

For 2018, Maggie is hoping to get more content out to fans, play more shows and write more music, and to be honest, we’re hoping she does, too!

“I want to make more high quality covers and more music videos for the EP,” said Schneider.

With shows in Atlanta to start of the new year and some really exciting news on the horizon, Maggie Schneider is definitely one to look out for this upcoming year! Check out her video for her new single “Chuck Bass” HERE: - Soundigest

"Review: Maggie Schneider - Tinted Glasses"

Maggie Schneider recently released her new EP, Tinted Glasses. Working with Rian Dawson (!) of All Time Low, who produced the record, Schneider creates some pretty cool acoustic tunes and you can listen to the EP in full now through Spotify here.

Schneider’s voice. Damn girl. Schneider delivers tracks such as ‘Chuck Bass’ on this record with this soft tone, but so fierce that it probably takes a few days to notice she’s insulted you. A powerful vocalist that has such a great tone, this EP is such a treat to listen to vocally as she brings these huge choruses into being with such ease.

Melodically it’s mainly acoustic work, but when you’re delivering songs like these, less is so much more. ‘Tainted Glasses’ lyrically shows why it’s the eponymous track, the guitar melodies work with the sounds created on the track that it makes it further difficult to pick favourites on this record. Opening track ‘695 North Avenue’ stands out too, the bouncy energy of the track making for a great start to the EP.

A talented musician and a lyricist with a charming ferocity, Maggie Schneider’s new EP leaves you wanting more – these four tracks just highlight just how good she is. Highlights for me on Tinted Glasses are ‘Chuck Bass’ and ‘695 North Avenue’ however, this whole EP is well worth hearing.

8.5/10. - Thinking Lyrically

"ALBUM REVIEW: Maggie Schneider's Tinted Glasses"

Looking for new music to listen to? Look no further than Maggie Schneider’s new EP, Tinted Glasses. The four-track EP is fun, catchy pop, produced by Rian Dawson from All Time Low.

Written for the Atlanta venue, The Masquerade, “695 North Avenue” is fun, upbeat track with the slightest hint of rock influence. While the instrumentals give off a vibe of good times and optimism, the lyrics give off a feel of nostalgia, even for those who have never been to The Masquerade of know what the song is about.

The next song on the EP is “Chuck Bass,” a song clearly about the infamous character from “Gossip Girl.” Don’t be fooled, though. The feminist tune is about empowering women and not to be fooled by the wealth and money of those who might be like Chuck Bass.

The title track, “Tinted Glasses” tones it down, with acoustics instrumentals and honest lyrics about a relationship near its end. Ending the EP is “Break,” featuring Alex Crain, another slower ballad. Schneider and Crain’s voices go perfectly together, and it’s a strong song to finish out the EP with.

Overall, Tinted Glasses is bright, honest, and a refreshing take on a pop EP. For those who are fans of pop, this EP is a must-listen. - Beyond the Stage Magazine

"Maggie Schneider Drops Empowering New Single, "Chuck Bass""

Sporting classic girl-next-door charm and thoughtful lyrical wit, Maggie Schneider comes complementarily armed with suave pop guitar hooks and an earnest voice. The Atlanta, Georgia-based singer-songwriter is a writing major at Savannah College of Art & Design, having developed a solid foundation for her creative expression. Off her forthcoming Tinted Glasses EP (produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low) is “Chuck Bass” a subdued, yet direct statement centering on how a woman won’t be “bought off” – coerced into courtship through a man’s looks and status alone. - Music Existence

"PREMIERE: Maggie Schneider - "695 North Avenue""

Schneider combines her singer/songwriter style with a bit of a pop-rock touch to bring this song to life with a hand from producer Rian Dawson (drummer of All Time Low). Her writing is upbeat, but will fill you with feelings of nostalgia through her storytelling approach in her lyricism. The different influences that are at play in “695 North Avenue” will keep you coming back after just one listen. - Sick Snaps - Cassie Wilson

"Maggie Schneider Premieres New Single, "695 North Avenue""

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Maggie Schneider has announced that she will be releasing her brand new EP, Tinted Glasses, on January 12, 2018. The EP was produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low at Track Happy Studios. With the announcement comes the first track, entitled "695 North Avenue", a heartfelt track about The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. - Shameless Promotions - Jared Stossel

"Spinning Thoughts Podcast"

On Episode 73, Angelo talks to Maggie Schneider!

Topics: What it was like recording new music with Rian Dawson from All Time Low, her debut album 'Insomniac', the brand new music video for "I Found Love", her upcoming show with Dalton Rapattoni in Atlanta at The Masquerade on August 1, and so much more! - Spinning Thoughts on iDobi Radio

"For The Record Podcast"

This week, Jared sits down with vocalist/singer-songwriter Maggie Schneider! Jared and Maggie both talk about working with Rian Dawson on Maggie's new EP, Tinted Glasses, the meaning behind the album title, and shared memories of attending shows at The Old Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. They also talk about the creation behind "695 North Avenue", the lead single from the EP!

To keep up with Maggie Schneider's music and upcoming shows, you can visit her website (, like her on Facebook (, and follow her on Twitter (@rockinmags).

This episode was sponsored by Warby Parker!

SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ON iTUNES: - Shameless Promotions - Jared Stossel

"Evan and Garrett Take On The World Podcast: HELL YEAH"

It's the world's biggest podcast!
In today's episode, the boys take on the AMAZING Maggie Schneider (local pop-punker/the love of Evan's life), they read a SUPER weird email that Evan's friend received from some creep, and Maggie fills the guys in on why Nick is the worst Jonas Brother!
All that and much more on today's episode of Evan and Garrett Take On The World!
Featuring tunes from our friends Microwave, Maggie Schneider (live in studio!), and The Head! - Garrett Loudin and Evan Brandonisio

"Evan and Garrett Take Over The World Podcast - HELL YEAH 2"

It's the world's biggest podcast!
In today's episode, Maggie Schneider is back in studio to tell the boys about her upcoming EP, Evan gets some drunk club goers to describe the plots of various movies (which Garrett and Maggie have to guess the titles of), and the gang reminisces on the days of yore when romantic comedies didn't suck!
All that and much more on today's episode of Evan and Garrett Take On The World!
Featuring tunes from our friends Douglas Aldridge, Maggie Schneider (live in studio!), and Sojourn! - Garrett Loudin and Evan Brandonisio

"Maggie Schneider is Entirely Herself on "Don't Tell Me""

A key part of growing up is discovering who you are. None of us are the same person for the entirety of our lives, but that key phase in our late teens into our early-to-mid twenties is a time of a huge amount of self-discovery. This can be especially validating for anyone who has to overcome unsupportive people on their quest to grow into their best selves. Getting past that can be tough, but the payoff is more than worth it. Just ask Atlanta’s Maggie Schneider. She’s embracing who she is both as a musician and a person with her new track “Don’t Tell Me,” which we’re thrilled to premiere on Substream.

Schneider has a huge range of musical and songwriting talent, and she showcases all of it on “Don’t Tell Me.” The first verse of the track showcases her writing against a splendidly written and played piano backing. The lyrics about realizing how unsupportive people around her were and now picking up the pieces are heartfelt and intensely relatable. When the chorus hits, we get some fantastic pop-punk-like arrangements with the added guitars and percussion. It’s a great blend, and Schneider masterfully combines all of it into a special track. - Substream Magazine


May 2015 - Insomniac (Album)
1. I Found Love
2. Insomniac
3. No Herman We Can't
4. Lucky #10
5. Our Weekends
6. Back To You
7. For Me It's You (feat. Jack Wachtel) 

March 2017 - "Do You Even Hear Yourself" (On The Everyday Anthem's record, "Nobodies") - Cowriter/performer on the track

January 2018 - Tinted Glasses (EP)
(Produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low)
1. 695 North Avenue (Released November 2017)
2. Chuck Bass (Released December 2017)
3. Tinted Glasses
4. Break (feat. Alex Crain)

July 2018 - Pretend feat. wolfi (Single) 

September 2018 - The Foreword (Duo EP)

1. Made Up Misery

2. Divide

3. Roses

4. Doubt

5. Oh I Wonder 

September 2019 - Don't Tell Me (Single)



     Bright-eyed and bubbly Atlanta based artist, Maggie Schneider, adds a combination of fresh, honest, and open-hearted lyrics to her music that pinpoint life, love, and friendship. She kicked off her career in 2016, and began gracing the stage with staple acts like State Champs, Like Pacific, and Courage My Love, to name a few. In 2018, Schneider launched Tinted Glasses, a career changing EP,  produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low. The 4-track unit is about navigating life, relationships and growing up. 

The past two years have been life changing for Maggie, including an exclusive performance on the final cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour, headlining her own sold-out birthday show at Atlanta's The Masquerade, and signing to Common Ground Collective with her new band glimmers. They released their debut single "Don't Tell Me" in July 2020, which highlights Maggie's mission as an artist: to stand up for everything (and everyone) she believes in.

Continuing to make waves both online and onstage, Schneider's unique talent and strong vocals have also caught the attention of over 30 notable artists and bands in the industry via social media, such as the Jonas Brothers, All Time Low, Chrissy Costanza (Against The Current), State Champs, and Hayley Williams. With new music from glimmers on its way soon, there is no stopping Maggie Schneider.

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