Rock On Fire

Rock On Fire


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Rock on Fire

Written By: Andrew Healy/Ruth Rische

Seizing the moment, an army in motion
Blazing fire love and devotion
Crushing a fortress, demolishing walls
A moving inferno engulfing them all

Out of the darkness, into the light
A river of fire consuming the night

Rock on fire Holy flame
Surging forward in Jesus' name
Lava flowing, a church aglow
Into the cities and valleys below

A major upheaval, dominion retaken
Power reversed, a world reawakened
Shifting, Settling, the Earth rearranged
Totaly different, entirely changed

A river of fire, a holy wrath
Carving a mountain into a path

The tide is turning, The bodys learning
To stand up, while every thing is shaking

We're takin fire, IT's to the wire
We're moving out and we won't be taken

The whole creation, In expectation
We're getting ready cause
the mountains gonna blow
The pressure's building, Look out bellow
Get in the groove cause the lava's
gonna flow

I do declare in, the name of jesus
I do declare his grace over you
I do declare that, He will lead us
Throughthe fire till we break on through

Burried in ashes, hidden from view
Rising in glory, a people renewed
Embers rekindled, awaiting the morn
A mountain of Fire, A Nation Reborn!


Written By: Andrew Healy

Stalked by the dangers around me
My enemy stands at the gate
Every one of my weapons are empty
And they gather to ponder my fate

I have battled my way through the trenches
Had my fill of the enemys lies
Always chipn' away my defences
allways hidding behind a disguise

Send Your angels to my side
I have nowhere left to hide

But your always befor me and you fill my need
And from glory to glory you intercede

So I go to my knees with a vevgence
And my cry will ascend to your ears
Plead my cause with flow of persistance
I'll petition your heart with my fears

Cause its all I need to know
You will never let me go