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" review"

Be honest: don’t you think that there’s no age too young for your son or daughter to start getting their asses kicked by the sheer awesomeness of rock and roll? Then you’re clearly on the same wavelength as Rockosaurus Rex. And they’re performing hard rock versions of classic kiddie tunes like “This Old Man,” “Hush Little Baby,” “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” It sounds laughable, but Rockosaurus Rex are taking their task seriously, offering some sweet, melodic guitar licks; their version of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” may well replace Wings’ version as the definitive rock take on the song. But if you need a proper testimonial from the demographic at which the album is aimed, here’s one for you: I put on the disc, and as God is my witness, within two seconds of the first track (“Six Little Ducks”) beginning, my daughter was dancing her 18-month-old butt off, doing something between Michael Flatley’s Riverdance and that punk rock perennial known as the pogo. Your kids will enjoy the enthusiasm of the performances, and while you find yourself giggling at the concept once in awhile, you still won’t hesitate to rock out right along with them.
--Will Harris -

"Ayun Halliday review"

A few years back, there was a distinct spike in children's music catering to parents who shared the conviction that a baby's CD collection should run away from Raffi and toward The White Stripes. But once the thrill of rejecting the Wiggles wore off, the new breed of kids' rock started to seem less like the music of revolution and more like the cutesy regime it once sought to replace.

No such worries with The Big Bang! For their first release, the hard-grinding head bangers of Rockosaurus Rex wisely stick to covers of public-domain nursery classics, welcome news for anyone weary of tongue-in-cheek lyrics concerning strollers, teddies and naptime. It's kind of amazing how perfectly "This Old Man" translates to arena rock, complete with screeching guitar solo and lead vocals worthy of Beelzebub. Van Halen couldn't hold a candle to the whispery bombast of "All the Pretty Little Horses," but you might seize upon it as the perfect opportunity to school your toddler in how to hold a childproof lighter aloft

--AYUN HALLIDAY "Author of No Touch Monkey!" -

"Rock For All Ages"

Ridiculously heavy-metal interpretations of children's music standards like "This Old Man" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" prove that loud, in-your-face rock is not extinct. Rockosaurus Rex holds nothing back here - with this explosion of sound, the album title is well-deserved. There are a lot of tracks (21!), so the constant barrage of metal might get tiring after 15 or so songs. Luckily, there are some well-placed, softer interludes to get you through the album.

-- CHARLIE HELLER The New York Post - The New York Post

"New take on old songs"

If you looking for a completely different take on Twinkle, Twinkle, This Old Man, Itsy Bitsy Spider and others there is a new CD out called The Big Bang! It's by Rockosaurus Rex. This rock/heavy metal CD hits the spot, getting the balance absolutely right. If you prefer the traditional way they are sung then this is probably not for you. But I liked this version; it gives it a new edge. Twinkle, Twinkle with drums and electric guitar may freak you out at first, it's rough, loud and hard rock. My favourites were Six Little Ducks and the Ants Go Marching. Having spent years working in nursery schools the sound of tape recordings of these songs/rhymes is all too familiar. When children sing them they are always great but it is sometimes fun to experiment and try it in a different way. It is sure to have you singing, dancing and jumping around.
dinosaur dancesThis will be loved by everyone but perhaps not granny, although it does depend how cool your granny is. -

"Children's Music that Rocks"

HELL YES!!! Tired of hearing toy piano versions of your favorite Toddler Time classics? Prepare your preschoolers to have their faces rocked off by "Wheels On the Bus"; "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"; and "This Old Man" as performed by our favorite prehistoric metal gods, Rockosaurus Rex!

All you grownups will probably get a bigger kick out of this musical project from Austin, Texas, than your young'uns, but hey! crank it up and see what they think. "All the Pretty Little Horses" is given a heavy dose of Metallica, while "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is all Anthrax'ed out. In fact, quit reading this and head for the Rockosaurus Rex website immediately, so the rockin' can commence. There are plenty of clips from The Big Bang! to which one can thrust one's fist into the air.

Make sure to read their bio, have fun with the whole concept, and unite the world through metal. Like the Rockosaurus Rex creed says, "They have come to rock the children of Earth". Amen. - Kids Music That Rocks


21 track LP "The Big Bang!"
The Ultimate Jellyfish Tribute (due summer 2007)

Nominated for the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards.
Radio play on many radio, internet radio and podcast shows including
WMPG Portland, ME
WLUW Chicago:The Razor and Die Show,
WFDU-FM: New Jersey
WLUW Chicago: The Barbwire show
WLVR 91.3 FM
WAWL:The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl
WXOJ-LP:Spare the Rock Spoil the Child
Hip Young Parent Radio
Gooneybird Kids
The #2 Show
Radio Orphans Podcast
The Fredcast
Preschool Rock Moms


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Rockosaurus Rex's music features hard rock & metal versions of classic children's songs, complete with wailing guitar solos and pounding drums. From the Queen-inspired "This Old Man", the Metallica influenced "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," to the anthemic Weezer sound of "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" and the radio-friendly Power Pop "Six Little Ducks," each song is arranged and performed as a valid rock composition. As recently stated in a review at "their version of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" may well replace Wings' version as the definitive rock take on the song".