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recording their first full-length CD right now.



RockPaperScissors came together in 2005 after drummer PJ Aminpour and guitarist/singer Kjell (shell) Hilding left the band they were in and decided to start something new. PJ knew bassist Howy Parkins from a cover band they were both in and the three started jamming mostly just for fun and eventually played their first show many months later. Then, after starting to get a little more serious, they brought in a couple of lead guitarists who didn’t work out for various reasons, including Hoyt Smith, with whom they recorded the bulk of their upcoming cd to be released in early 2009. They recently replaced Hoyt with lead guitarist extraordinaire Russ Nelson of Butte, Montana, who propels them to a whole other level and are ready to take the world by storm.

How would one describe the music of RockPaperScissors? Well, raised on a steady dose of outlaw country and 1950’s doo-wop music wouldn’t necessarily strike you as a punk rock resume, but when that background met the hard rock and resurgent punk rock scene of the early 1990’s, something codified. Main songwriter Kjell likes to describe the style as a Ramones base with Beach Boys-style vocals and harmonies on top, but that’s just the beginning. Inspired by bands whose lyrics weren’t necessarily the most serious, from Chicago’s Material Issue’s songs about girls to early Green Day & Screeching Weasel’s bratty songs of everyday life to the mainstream throwaway lyrics of pop giants Abba & Prince – Kjell’s lyrics run from the silly (Undersexed & Do You Wanna Get Spanked?) to the tongue-in-cheek (Jon Bon Jovi & Heavy+Hot) to the semi-serious (Out There & Earth-2) without losing their impact. Musically, the songs resemble the three-chord oevure of the Ramones or Green Day, but when the rest of the band attacks them, with the blistering fretwork of Russ’s lead guitar to the thundering drums of PJ and driving bass of Howy, it’s clear that RockPaperScissors is not just following in these paths, but creating new ones. RPS is a band who always threatens to drive the songs off a cliff but sometimes pull back just in time. Just sometimes.