Rockridge Brothers
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Rockridge Brothers

Band Americana Bluegrass


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Raw and awesome."

“If I told you that I had just encountered the best new old time band that I'd heard in years, and asked you to
guess where they were from, you'd probably mention West Virginia, North Carolina, or maybe Virginia or
Kentucky. You'd be wrong. The Rockridge Brothers come from… wait for it… Sweden. Yep, you heard me
right. And don't go thinking they're some sort of Hardanger fiddle-toting polska-old-time fusion band… this is
the real deal. Raw and awesome.” - - Megan Romer, Grassroots festival manager

"A festival organisor's dream"

"The Rockridge brothers were one of the hardest working, hardest rocking and most professional bands at our festival last year. They look great, sound better and are gentlemen to deal with. A festival organisor's dream. " - Kieran Gilmore, Festival Director, Open House Festival, Belfast

"CD review"

“Old timey, hillbilly, mountain music – there are many names for what the Rockridge Brothers present on their second album. American music with deep roots, delivered by four Swedish guys who take old music to new(er) hights. It is a rawer variety of bluegrass with full speed and full power. Ralf fredblads fiddle takes the lead, the band rolls on and the dust from stomping the earthen floor finds it way into your nostrils. It creates an irresitable rhythm all the way down to the listeners feet. Happy music! The vocal contributions fit well with the unruly expression: scratchy punk attitude and definitely no high tenor. How the Rockridge boys stand up the competition from the home continent of this music, I have no idea. But I strongly suspect that they will be doing more US tours than the two they have already done.” - Lars Lind, Lira Magazine


Rockridge Hollerin’ (2008)

Straight outta Rockridge (2004)



In 2002 four musicians got together in Stockholm, Sweden, to make a bluegrass soundtrack for an animated
movie. Right away they felt the need to make something more out of this newly formed combo. Pooling their
different musical experiences, ranging from country to punk, they found common ground in old time string
music, feeding their own high-energy interpretations right back into that tradition. The Rockridge Brothers
draw from the wast tradition of genuine american folk music, take it to a contempary scene and make it grow.
Folk culture is not there to be put on display at museums, it's there to be lived.
Since that time the Rockridge Brothers have been touring Europe and USA, bringing the very best of hillbilly
style mountain music to everybody and anybody they meet.