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Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


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"Mixtape: Show – R.N.C."

“I got more stripes than a hundred tigers.” – Show, “Turned Out”

Show is known for a few things, most notably the kind of work ethic that harks back to the days where passing out CDs out of a trunk was the way to go for an independent artist. The Third Ward native raps for those who grind through the city from 610 to 59 in search of something bigger, whether it be international fame or local legend. On R.N.C. he brings thirteen tracks, each hitting with straight forward lyrics and eardrum snapping 808 drums from the Trae sample “Pen & A Pad” to the DJ Don produced “Going Going Gone” which tackles the object of a relationship with an unstable woman.

With features from MUG, Krittikal, C7, Esau Mack & Yung Quis of A.B.N., I expect cars from TSU all the way to Katy to emit this tape from their speakers, preferably in a residential area.

- Day and A Dream

"Show “R.N.C”"

This dude Show is slowly but surely making a fan out of me. I’m convinced he’s a wrecker. He creates real street gutter music. You know that music somebody banging when they pull up at the gas station and you don’t know who the hell they listening too…but it go hard…probably this nigga. Turned out was my favorite by far. Lil Randy killed it on that Lend Me Ur Ear Screwtape too.

Show has shown growth with all of the projects I have listened to. The music seems to have more direction, more depth and more soulfulness. It’s apparent that he uses his lyrics to portray his life and situations.

full speed down the highway to hell nigga
hustle off hope all I got left to sell nigga
shots in the dark wipe the prints off the shells nigga
nothing to lose spent time trying to tell niggas
circumstances out of my realm of control
watching these lames perpertrate like they held what I hold
in mental prison rebell in this jail of my soul
prepared to riot quite fires ignite in the cold

The production was nice. The mix sounded very professional. He smashed the lyrics. The hooks were decent. I’m still waiting for a video though. It’s time to give a visual. I burned a copy to put in the car. You might hear me pulling up at your local gas station banging it. 5 swangs - H-Town Underground

"Remember Show's R.N.C.?"

R.N.C. (Self-released, 2010)

There are different branches of the New Houston Collective. Show, another burgeoning Houston MC, clocks in and out for work at the Gangsters and Hustlers office. The most immediately appealing quality of his rap persona is that he's somehow able to bend his own hellaciousness into a distinct likeability, the same thing that's helped Propain separate his name from the flotsam. Toughness is rarely a malleable trait, but when you can shape it how you please, it's almost always impressive.

Y'allmustaforgotability: 94 percent

Read what Y'allmustaforgotability means.

Best Simile That Makes Use of a Charismatic Megafauna:

"More stripes than a hundred tigers," which Show makes on album opener "Turned Out." There are a few other quotables from that same song, including the first Houston hat-tip (Yungstar), the first Miami Heat reference (which has increased by about 4,000 percent since July), the first laundry reference (socks) and the first gun reference (a 9mm).

Best Feature on the Album:

Mug, one-third of the Stomp Down Soldiers, flashes his lights on the tinkering "Rush." He's chased most closely for this spot by Yung Quis of the ABN and Kritikal. It's a gangster party all the way around, it appears.

Best, Most Ridiculous Argument You Have With Someone After Listening To The Album:

The second track on the album is "Return of the Real," a haunting, bleeding swell of a song championing the oft-used adjective "real." In it, Show spouts "It's the return of the real niggas" repeatedly as the second half of the chorus. n this case, he doesn't use "real" to exclusively mean "gangster," but it's not too far off from that.

It's particularly effective, and leads to a natural question: Which would you be more terrified of, a mass return of the living dead, or a mass return of the real niggas? We mean, zombies are scary and all, but could you imagine 30 J-Dawgs climbing over your fence in the middle of the night?

Obscure Fact(s) You Can Pawn Off As Your Own To Make Yourself Look Smart:

* The location Show has set on his Twitter page (@show713) reads, "N yo hood with a bag fulla CDs." This is exactly how we first met him. There's something to be said for that.

* This is the first all-original mixtape that Show has done.

* He nabs a DJ Screw sample for "Get My Hustle On." Mr. Davis would appreciate the thematicism.

- Houston Press


Showin Naked ft. Lil Keke - 2009 (Single)
Fresh hosted by OG Ron C- 2009(Mixtape)
Throwawayz mixed by DJ Jigsaw-2010(Mixtape)



A veteran to the world of hip-hop, Rockshow tha great, aka Tha Show, is the quinessential MC. The former BET college tour freestyle champion has many accomplishments to his credit. He has won several battles nationwide and produced over 100 songs. His style is self-described as advanced dirty south- East coast styled wordplay and lyricism combined with the energy, the cadence and the slang of the south. His story is at first glance, the protypical origin of the uber-thug rapper. Like so many others, he is a former drug dealer who has amassed a lengthy rap sheet, as well as a bullet wound. Here however, the similarites end. College educated and well read, with the knowledge of the world beyond the wicked streets that spawned him, he serves as a bridge between the middle class and the masses of the poor. His production is bass and sample heavy, influenced by a wide and diverse body of producers from Kanye West to Mannie Fresh, as well as Beatoven, who taught him the art of beatmaking. His music, though spinkled with violence and stories of drugs and robbery, takes a more realistic approach, because as we all know, the villian does not always win. He does not glorify the street life, he just tells it's story. He is also the founding member of the hardest unsigned group in Houston, 3rd Down, with AD, Esau Mack & Fedi . He has also worked with many major artists such as Trae, Lil Boosie, Z-Ro, Lil Keke and Beanie Sigel. He is also affliated with some of the strongest artists in the Greenville, South Carolina area, having built a strong following there as well. The father of a 6-year old daughter, Rockshow also preaches community empowerment by economic means, politcal involvement, and respect for women in his music. But don't get it twisted; this by no means gospel rap. This is the future of the game.