Rock Solomon

Rock Solomon

 Key West, Florida, USA

"On one track you can literally hear the influence of Duke Ellington Tool working together in perfect harmony. It has the passion and anxt of Alternative Rock, but textured with a blend of World music, vintage jazz, and pop hooks blended so smoothly that it feels like a movie score."


With what the press have dubbed Alternative World-Pop with a twist of Jazz, Rock Solomon has cultured a truly unique and powerful style that has gained critical acclaim, and a dedicated ever-growing following around the states and abroad. His new CD, Unlocking the Window, features world-class soloists who have performed or recorded with acts such as: U2, Blondie, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles & Billie Holiday to name a few, including performances in major motion pictures, Broadway and Carnegie Hall.

Seattle born with a passion for travel, Rock Solomon's music has been influenced by every part of the globe. As the son of a living Jazz Legend, he has been trained in over half a dozen instruments since childhood, and has been performing since the ripe age of seven years old. In that time Solomon has performed in nearly every type of venue imaginable --colleges, concert halls & theatres, parades, festivals, coffee shops, clubs, bars, on radio, television and in film.

The Rock Solomon Ensemble is a core trio that features a hand selected group of string, brass and woodwind soloists. Band size varies from three to seven pieces depending on region and venue. Drawing from a vast library of original material, jazz standards and cover songs, Solomon's natural born instincts to read a crowd and tailor a show makes each performance fresh and engaging. Whether performing for two dozen or twenty thousand, The Rock Solomon Ensemble inspires listeners and captivates audiences, regardless of age, venue, or region in the world.

The CD:
Featuring four master-soloists, Rock Solomons songwriting has been brilliantly showcased with an array of horns, strings, flutes and percussion instruments that flow together to create his highly distinctive, original, and yet strangely nostalgic sound. Blending Jazz, Alternative, Pop & World styles, the music sounds familiar, yet completely new. His latest album, Unlocking the Window is a testament to his experiences in travel, love, sexuality and the human condition.

Whether performing solo, or with his full ensemble,
Rock Solomon is a true, born and bred entertainer.
He confidently owns his stage and his audience.
He is a young man who has honed his skills since
childhood, and performs with experience of a veteran.
With the release of his new album, and an ever-growing
fan base, Solomons music is destined to find and
inspire audiences near and far.


Time for a Road Trip

Written By: Rock Solomon

You want it your way,
But don't forget to earn it.
You take all the goodwill,
Throw it into the fire,
and I watch you burn it.
(here's the thing)
I love your mouth,
but I'm sick of your lip.
And you break down like a child,
and I watch you good and bad sides flip.
You say it's my way or the highway, and I think damn, it might be time for a road trip.

You say I'm a bastard. You say I'm no good. Even if that were true, when I'm gone, what good will knowing that do you?

She Says

Written By: Rock Solomon

It will be okay (4x)

That's what she says,
and that's what she tells me.
That's what she says,
But that's not what I see.

The girl is a crime.
She's a girl of mystery.
I say, "What's on your mind?"
and she says don't ask me.

She walks in and I ask,
where she's been, and she says
don't ask questions
then she says,

It will be okay.


The Subluxations - Punk Dixieland Cabaret
Rock Solomon - Limited Edition Debut EP
Rock Solomon Sextet - Official Bootleg EP
Rock Solomon Trio - LIVE at Sippin Cafe
Rock Solomon Sextet - Unlocking the Window (TBA)

Set List


She Says
Mismatched Tattoos
Leap of Faith
Just Another Traveler
Drive Away
Return to Fight
Deathbed of Roses
For Those Who Remain
Waiting For Rain
Broken Child
Unlocking the Window
Everything Ends / Begins
A Note on Your Door
Our Storm
Topanga Canyon
This Bed is a Stage
Your Broken Toys
Insincere Suicide
Try Again
Why So Cold
Get Out
Red Light Studio
Your Passwords
Road Trip


Nutshell -Alice in Chains
No Excuses
Don't Follow
Hearts and Thoughts -Pearl Jam
Crash -Dave Matthews
No Woman No Cry -Bob Marley
Natural Mystic
Don't Worry
Wait in Vain
Moondance -Van Morrison
Pink Moon -Nick Drake
Everlong -Foo Fighters
Lean on Me -Bill Wheeler
No Sunshine
Wicked Game -Chris Isack
One -U2
Big Empty -Stone Temple Pilots
Green Eyes -Coldplay
House of Risi