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"The Fault Line represents Ithaca on a National Stage"

ITHACA, N.Y. -- Matt Olmstead and Adam Decker are two Central New Yorkers who are a part of a band called "The Fault Line."

Recently, they were gracing television screens across the country, as their group made it to the final 15 on NBC's summer hit "America's Got Talent."

"What's cool with 'American's Got Talent' is your sitting next to an acrobat, who's sitting next to a clown, who's sitting next to a group like us, its just like well, there's really no comparison. America just has to vote and see what happens, you know," said The Fault Line member Adam Decker.

America did eventually vote the guys off. But, they say the entire experience came to them at just the right time.

"The day we found out we were really, really excited because before that we almost broke up as a group. We almost disbanded," said Decker.

Matt Olmstead and Adam Decker are two Central New Yorkers who are a part of a band called "The Fault Line."

Before their big break, the group was playing college campuses all over the region and in fact Adam was a student right here at Ithaca College.

Both guys studied music at the college level and now they say they're trying to create a new form of music called naked rock.

"We're introducing a lot of technology, a lot of guitar pedals, switcher amps and stuff like that. People don't usually think of putting voice through all this equipment. We're trying to experiment and we're finding a lot of sounds that we absolutely love," said Fault Line member Matt Olmstead.

Group member, Justin Adams is also from Upstate New York, while Jeff Bratz is from Minnesota. Olmstead and Decker say the entire group hopes to take full advantage of their newly found fame.

"I know that some crazy stuff can happen, if people want to take us there. But, we have to work hard too, we can't sit back and wait," said Decker.
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The sheer power of the human voice unleashed…
…breaking new ground.
What started out as a cool idea to create a rock band using no instrumentation has lead to the creation of this unique, organic sound. The Fault Line has completely rewritten the book on vocal music with their innovative direction. Unlike traditional vocal music (or that dirty word, a cappella) The Fault Line’s sound easily fits into modern rock radio playlists, while their electrifying stage show and huge live sound more than hold their own on the same stages as today’s heaviest bands.

With the momentum built by their success on America’s Got Talent last summer, The Fault Line has been focusing hard on perfecting this unique product, refining both their line up and musical direction.

So powerful was the emergent property of these talented musicians that the judges of America’s Got Talent, Sharon Osbourne, David Hasslehoff and Piers Morgan, watched in awe as the Fault Line rocked the stage using only their incredible voices.

“I think you guys are great. [It] sounds like a track was playing. It blows my mind. It sounded good, sounded good to me.” David Hasselhoff, Judge. America’s Got Talent 2007 Season.

The Fault Line is edgy commercial rock- Naked, New, and Screaming. Never before has a band dived into mainstream rock without the use of instruments.

The Fault Line is the first vocal group to fully embrace all of the technology typically found on stage with “traditional” rock bands. Just like any guitar-driven rock and roll band, pedals, filters, and effects are fully utilized in order to give The Fault Line their massive live sound.

The Fault Line assimilates widely used and accepted musical technology with the simple, yet profound power of the human voice. Bring that power to the heaviest of musical genres, and that is what The Fault Line has to offer today’s stale music industry.

Formed only two years ago, this band has already known national success. The taste of national fame has focused them and given even more motivation to push themselves in their own bid for international stardom.