A mix of Rock and Eletronic music. Voyeur is: Electro + Rock + Beer + Rock + Electro + Rock + Beer + a lot of Beer!


With less than a year of existence, the band ventured into Microfonia Festival, where he was a finalist among more than one hundred bands. Festival has proven Microfonia bands like Sweet Fanny Adams and Volver. Since then, the Voyeur has managed a well-deserved prominence in the indie scene with a style of electronic rock in which it is impossible to stand still. Three songs from Little Sexy Love - which was produced and recorded at Studio Mr. Mouse, with Leonardo Domingues, and a remix producer Rodrigo Coelho - are part of the soundtrack for "Descolados," a new MTV series, showing that Pernambuco has a strong representative of the genre.


We have a EP called Little/Sexy/Love


Set List

Our show typically consists of original songs and versions of bands like sonic youth, the stooges, CSS and Bonde do RĂ´le.