Rock X

Rock X


The best of the 60's and 70's, without all the typical classic tracks typical classic cover bands play. RockX plays the music that shaped a generation


What is Rock Xtreme?

Rock Xtreme started as a concept. A group of musicians were reflecting back on the history of Rock.

They discussed what was happening to the rock music scene. It was a gloomy time, the dark ages of rock. Everyone wondered:

What will future generations think about rock?

Who will carry on the tradition of Jimi?

Who will spread the words
of the great lyricists of the time?

What will become of the music that paved the way?

When Rock Xtreme was formed there were no answers to those questions. There were fewer and fewer musicians around who knew the truth. Even fewer who lived the truth. The members of Rock Xtreme decided to take it upon themselves to spread the word of true Rock so the music would not be forgotten.

With that goal in mind, the band members set forth to recreate the spirit and music of the 60s generation. To take people back to the times of Peace, Love and Protest. A time when Music was not just entertainment; it was a way of life. It touched your heart and soul. It represented what you really believed in. It was a time when protest meant marching for 12 hours and risking getting thrown in jail not emailing your congressman.

Who is Rock Xtreme, and

What is different about them?

A Rock Xtreme event is more than just a concert. It is a factual recreation of the spirit, the sights, and the sounds of the 60s. The show tells the story of the birth of true rock. It shows you the relationship music had with the events of the generation.

The Rock Xtreme show comes complete with full costume changes and audio-visual presentations which accurately capture the era.

The show covers all three components of the origin of Rock:

The British Invasion

Long hair and loud music represent the first major rebellion against the conservatives.

The Psychedelic Times

Far Out clothes, drugs, sexual freedom, and loud acid rock reshape the foundations of normality forever. America loses it innocence.

The Woodstock Movement

Hippies empower themselves to stop the war, fight the power, and spread the joys of love and peace. Nothing represents this era better than the “3 Days of Peace and Music". But drugs take their toll.

For those of you who lived the 60s with us, the show will bring back feelings you forgot a long time ago.

For those who are younger, the show will give you a complete history of what the time and the music were all about.

Set List

This band can do 3 or 4 sets including but not limited to the type and eras of songs below:

British Invasion

The Beatles

The McCoys

Dave Clark 5

The Animals

The Rolling Stones

Psychedelic Era

* The Doors
* The Beatles
* The Zombies
* Cream
* Yardbirds
* Steppenwolf
* Spencer Davis
* Iron Butterfly


* Deep Purple
* Pink Floyd
* Jethro Tull
* Jimi Hendrix
* The Who
* Grand Funk
* Led Zepplin

and more....