Rocky Benton Blues

Rocky Benton Blues


ROCKY BENTON "Texas Blues Legend" received his STAR on the "TEXAS MUSIC WALK OF FAME"! June 1st, 2007. Blind, Black, Beautiful, Bluesman. ROCKY is the Real Thing, a Texas Genuine Consummate Blues Musician!


ROCKY'S road to the blues began is Silsbee, TX about 20 miles South of Beaumont where he was born to hard working parents of moderate means. He was second to the youngest of 6 children, and is no stranger to trouble and pain. As a young child he began to lose his vision and was blind at the age of 4. At the age of 6 he attended the Texas School for the Blind in Austin where he learned to read Braille, started his education, and got his nickname "ROCKY". He said one of his teachers called him 'ROCKY' for some strange reason. His teacher would tell him that he knew someday he would drive by a billboard somewhere, which would read in lights "ROCKY BENTON". The name stuck with him and since then 'ROCKY' has had his name in lights on many a marquee.

Music came to play a role in ROCKY'S life at an early age. He says he grew up listening to old gospel tunes that his mother played and sang for him in a voice like the gospel greats such as that of Mahalia Jackson (1911-1972) whom was considered by many to be the greatest gospel singer within the genre. Mahalia sang “Precious Lord” at Dr. Martin Luther Kings funeral. Some of his favorites were: The Clara Ward Singers, The Staple Singers, Professor Alex Bradford, and The Five Blind Boys of Alabama to name a few.

Listening to his sister's records ROCKY discovered the single of "Little Willie John." The flip side of his hit "You give Me Fever", was the song titled "Let Them talk", which became the cover and title song to ROCKY'S Cd , "Let Them Talk"

ROCKY was introduced to the harmonica by his uncle Bill, who could play only one song. He was fascinated with it and wanted to be able to play. ROCKY got his first harmonica at the age of 6 and later learned to play drums and keyboard. At the age of 10, ROCKY was performing professionally as a drummer and singer of an Austin Jazz band led by keyboard artist James Polk. "I came up in a day when a kid playing a bar was kind of like an act", Benton says," Even if I was not the headliner, it seemed I was always somehow the center of attention".

ROCKY first played Corpus Christi at the Downbeat Club, while attending High School at the Texas School for the Blind in Austin. TX. He met the blues great B.B. King in 1972 which he says deepened his involvement with the blues and created a fervent commitment to for him in the world of music. ROCKY later went on to open for BB King.

ROCKY'S rousing presence on stage is as unique and special as his sound. Wearing his leather belt stamped "R O C K Y", which holds twelve of his favorite harmonicas, ROCKY sways back and forth demonstrating why he has gained his well- deserved reputation as one of the finest harmonica players to ever take the stage. His powerful and unique vocals provide South Texas with his interpretation of Blues and Motown. Showcasing his personal entertainment style, ROCKY is always a direct hit and gains fans wherever he plays. His music and sound are always a crowd and club favorite.

ROCKY is the real thing, a Texas genuine consummate blues singer. His audiences love him and there is no one who enjoys rocking the house more.


These include, annual events, music festivals, corporate conferences and functions, private parties, as well as night club bookings, casinos, and concerts, throughout the United States and abroad.

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-"Let Them Talk"

-World Release
  "Ain't No Turning Back" - Single
  Southern Cross Studio-

-Various television and radio commercials including:

  -"Keep our Texas Beach's Beautiful"
   Award winning song
    City of Corpus Christi, TX.
     KMXR Radio

 -"Hunger Buster Blues"
   Dairy Queen

ROCKY'S studio work is renowned throughout the United States and abroad.

Set List

Performing for a variety of venues, the set list is as versatile as ROCKY. It's too vast to narrow down.
Without missing a beat, ROCKY prefers to play improv, leaving the band and audience with fresh and totally lively sets. There is nothing pre-arranged or canned with his style.