Rocky Cash

Rocky Cash


Our sound is an interpretation of our musical roots, and life as well. What comes out is the emotion of Blues Rock with a dash of everything from jazz to reggae to folk. We live to play live. Our goal is to leave everyone not with just great music but a great show.


Rocky Cash was formed when bass player, then guitar player, Greg Thomas met guitar player Nate Dreyer. Greg noticed a guitar lying on the couch and began a slick riff (later to be the song Hollars Back) accompanied with some soulful chops. Nate quickly started pickin' lead alongside. They knew they had something . The two went on and began playing at various bars around Cincinnati still in search of a complete sound. They soon found themselves closer to that sound when they acquired drummer Adam Dreyer. With this new jazz/rock beat they added the dynamics they were looking for. Not long after that they were convinced that Dennis Dreyer join the group after a sit in at rehearsal. With a stockpile of styles and rhythmic finger work they had found the last piece of the puzzle. They have been playing local bars in the Cincinnati tri-state area for a year or so and growing more fans with each show. They have played local summer festivals such as Whispering Beard Folk Festival with headliner Peter Rowan, Wang Dang Doodle Festival and the Perfectly Normal Jam. Their musical skeleton is composed of a backbone rooted in blues that is tastefully accompanied with dashes of jazz, hints of reggae , touches of folk , oh yeah and tons of rock. These guys feed off of a live show, simply listening to them doesn't do them justice. You have got to go out and check these guys out


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Headed Home-Album features 8 original songs . (When we were a three piece)

Set List

Originals- Hollers Back
Buy Now, Act Fast
The Smoothness
Headed Home
Stop Lovin You
Delancy Dance
Down and Broke
Workin Man
South Salmon Shakedown
Purple Plum jam
Your Best Friend
Just A Bug
Take A Good Look
What To Do
Rich Thick Soul
Listen To Your Mama

We could do a good 3 sets with covers included.
We mostly do 45min and 90min sets.
All Covers are either blues or classic rock songs.