Rocky Mountain Riptide

Rocky Mountain Riptide


A Bluesy-Reggae infused rock band. This music takes you to another place, with its unique style, and cool groove. Let the Riptide suck you in!


RMR formed in the summer of 06' The drummer(Ryan), and singer(Mark), grew up playing music together in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The lead guitarist(Aaron), and bassist(Brian), had been playing together for six years. The four met and the Rocky Mountain Riptide was formed.

Set List

A typical RMR set would start with the bands original songs. Most likely some feel good reggae, leading into rock. After that some blues would be in store. PotofGold/Moderation/Scatterbrain/CharlyHoarse Direction/Summertimes/LsCity.
Our set could be around 45min-1hr. Depending on time slots. The covers Would be Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix songs.