Rococo A GoGo

Rococo A GoGo


It's like making out with a beautiful concubine while you're strapped down to a dogsled during a blizzard is one way to describe the cacophony of sounds of indie artist Rococo A Gogo, who blends the sounds of electronic experimental, electro-pop, ambient noise, vocals and harp.


The concept of emerging New York based artist Rococo A Gogo first came into being when performing at Eyedrum Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. A fellow collaborator in the project backed out, so last minute a bathtub was hauled in, filled up with water and lots of kitchen utensils. Attired in a 1940's marching band costume, a song was made using voice, water, spoons, cups and a metronome, while splashing around in the bathtub. Nowadays, the use of a laptop and harp has made the project a little more hi-tech, but the element of performance has not been lost. Rococo A Gogo aims to create things that are fun (like underwater palaces of lingerie), slightly moody (aren't we all) and above all, entertaining.


Labyrinth- A promotional compilation released in 2005 by DJ Father Jeff and DJ Subvert

Set List

1. Ice Rose Garden
2. Knock your Teeth out Crocodile
3. Haute 4 Sale
4. Dinnertime
5. Kidz
6. Ursula Baby
7. U sur ar prettee
8. post industrial revolution
And many more!