BandHip Hop

A new school kid bringing back that old school vibe to take people back to easier times of listening to music. Another word I like to call the feeling is NUFU, or the feeling you get when you listen to my songs.


Born March 21st 1991 in Rochester NY, Nick Hargarther felt a connection with music at a young age. An avid baseball player, he once tried convincing his father to get him vocal lessons rather than go to practice but being so young, it was tough to be taken seriously. He reached freshman year of Hilton High school where his knowledge of music genre's started expanding and his first inspiration, "Eminem" would come into view. Almost immediately Nick started taking to the lyricism that "Eminem" had to offer. He quickly realized that what he had felt towards music at a younger age had only come closer to his heart. Near the end of freshman year Nick wrote his first song to an instrumental he had found online. The song titled "Run Away" was posted on his newly made MySpace page which quickly began to draw attention from his close friends. Throughout the summer Nick would find more instrumentals online which he would write to and begin to make a daily obsession. His first of many recordings were done using a computer microphone his friend let him borrow and a free recording program he found online. As quickly as he found music to be his way of expression he soon saw what made it so hard to be an artist and set his dreams to the side once again. Throughout his High school years he continued to stay involved in music any way he could because regardless of his "let down" music still remained present but in the background. After graduation Nick was on a family vacation which was a tradition but this year was different because his family had now known about his hidden talent as a writer and they wanted him to pursue his love for music. With his newly found inspirations Nick found himself back home searching for local producers hoping one of them would take him under there wing. Shortly after his search he came across one company which would start the journey of his life. After a short but informative meeting with this company he quickly started writing for his first album. During this process of finding himself as an artist he discovered the name "Reason" which didn't quite hold meaning as a stage name until after his first album. After the completion of the self titled album "Reason", poor promotional and marketing antics made sales impossible. After a year and a bright realization that the company could no longer take Nick any further, he decided to find his own way. With all of the tools and knowledge he needed, it was a new beginning and so Reason took the opportunity and started learning the production side of music. He soon learned how to make his own instrumentals and combined with his lyricism crafted over the years his first self produced mix-tape titled "Movin' Up" was released late summer of 2010. The mix-tape made an impression and really started drawing attention to outside people who soon became fans. As the summer came to an end Reason knew it was time for an album. He saw that the past few years have been him finding who he was as an artist and that he has in fact been "On A Mission". After five months of writing for the new album he was finally ready to show everyone who he was. Late may of 2011 Reason Released his Debut Album titled "On A Mission" which is a defining album that puts who he is under a magnifying glass. With his ambition and drive to become the next big thing, Rochester NY is proud to introduce to you the up and coming, self produced hip-hop artist "REASON"...


"In The Burbs"- soon to be followed by the Music Video!
"Girls All Around"- Club Joint soon to hit clubs!

Set List

1: On A Mission
3:Girl All Around
4:Cuz I Know
5:Watchu Gon Do
6:What It Takes
7:Tell Me
8:Love Makes You Crazy
9:Hip-Hop Is Movement