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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hip Hop Reggae


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Pulp Magazine Interview"

A lyrical secret weapon in Canada's hip hop music scene, Rocstone came to Canada in 1984 from Jamaica and since then he's been leaving a musical legacy in Toronto and beyond thats ancient ingredient is bringing consciousness to the game and he makes listeners think twice about what Canada can add to the Hip Hop game. ....I had the chance to talk with Rocstone.

* To check out more events with Rocstone check out his site
*His previous CD can be picked up at Uprising, in Kensington Market, Sam the record Man and other retailers in the city.

Tanya: Tell me a bit about yourself?

Rocstone: I'm Rocstone, Thugdread, Selassie I son ,Yonge streets' Levi Tribes high priest also known as the last buffalo soldier for my standards to my entire persona when describing who I am relating to hip hop.

Tanya:When did you get into HipHop?

Rocstone: I've always been into hiphop but professionally since 1994 when I first appeared on Much Music with a video project I did that got the interest of Master T.

Tanya: Why hip hop? Why not reggae?

Rocstone: My childhood was nothing but reggae until I started enjoy breakdancing .Infact I used to perform reggae back in the day when I lived in Jamaica under the name lil Metro.

Tanya: What do you think of hip hop in Canada?

Rocstone: There is a situation that needs to be addressed but is being turned into something more political than just plain enjoyable music.

Tanya: What part of the city did you grow up in?

Rocstone: Vaughn and Oakwood

Tanya: Other than music what do you do in your down time?

Rocstone: Nothing but music.

Tanya: Whats up with " Kingston 12"?

Rocstone: It should be adressed as Jamaica, Kingston 12. That's the community back home that was first represented by the legendary waliers group (bob marley, peter tosh), now by myself.

Tanya: You were recently at the Russell Simmons conference at Ryerson....what did you get out of that event?

Rocstone: Understanding that Russel Simmons knew what had to be done because of selling the Def Jam company to Island Music Group, owned by Chris Blackwell and the implications it might have on Canadian Hip Hop.

Tanya: Whats the ties between hip hop and reggae culture?

Rocstone: I'd like to believe that I and I am the living link between hip hop and reggae.

Tanya: Do you feel that there is STILL a connection now?

Rocstone: Yes.

Tanya:Do you think that there is UNITY in hip hop in Canada? & the USA?

Rocstone: The only unity is what i have been doing with the US, for reasons the powers that be dont want you to see the light of day. But we keep the good fight going.

Tanya: What do you think Canada needs to do to change there talent status compared to the rest of the world in regards to Hip Hop?

Rocstone: Get in where you fit in.

Tanya: Are there artist in Canada that you feel do not get there justice or love because they may not be "SAFE" enough?

Rocstone: Yours truly. Still playing my position.

Tanya: You have been getting alot of buzz from our American cousins in regards to making some solid noise in the game....who are some of the people that you plan 2 work with or incorporate in your hip hop mission?

Rocstone: DMX, Dead Prez, Ice Cube.

Tanya: Do you think that hip hop has LOST its culture?

Rocstone: No I just think societys been dumbed down since the assasination of Tupac and Biggie.

Tanya: You are heavily into the RASTAFARI spirit? How did this occur?

Rocstone: Finding out where I came from and not to be ashamed of it, by having faith in the truth that was celebrated by bob marley, showing love for selassie teachings out of the slums of Jamaica.

Tanya: Do you think this will SAVE HIP HOP, The BLACK COMMUNITY and the WORLD?

Rocstone: No doubt. Jah jah know.

Tanya: Who are some of your hero's?

Rocstone: Paul Bogle, Marcus Garvey, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, Christopher Wallace, Tupac Shakur.

Tanya: Whats next for Rocstone?

Rocstone: Making sure Canada has the North in it's pocket.

Tanya: Thanks....Rocstone

Rocstone: 1
- Pulp Magazine

"Diggin' Indie Cratez"

Friday February 22, 2008

Back to Canada, Toronto styles in full effect!

This is about emcee ROCSTONE who originally comes from Kingston, Jamaica. Here you find his debut(?) he put out back in 1998 on the Dirty Rotten Entertainment that includes the tracks “norpo ft Smugglaz” that was put on his later on album “Jamaica Kingston V12” (MSI Music 2000) and the exclusive b-sider “upon my weight”. I luv both of em tracks but if I had to choose one only then I’d say it’s the sombre and ultra-sec “upon my weight” track…this is just my style!

Besides that I know that he got another 12” from his full length out there called “thug dread”. Also I recommend you to check his video called “stylez” that is on his myspace-site and that is also on his LP… - Indie_Cratez (Switzerland)

"L3 Magazine"

March 4, 2009

::Hip Hop You Don't Stop:: Rocstone - Like Chicago...
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When Hip Hop was first widely heard in the late 70's (1979) and early 80's, it had a sound that made you want to move, yet listen keenly to the lyrics.

Just as the days in the beginning, artist Rocstone makes you move, yet listen keenly to the lyrics in his record "Like Chicago". Creating a musical triangle between Toronto, Chicago and New York, Rocstone raps in the chorus:

From Chi, NY back to T.O.
Five, four, three, two, Selassie I Know
If the chicken in the car and the car won’t go
it's time to do or die just "like Chicago".

If you're ready to take Hip Hop back to the beginning, the lyrics, and the melody in this record are for you. Don't sleep!

As always, pass on your feedback. If you can't, no worries. Thanks and Bless!

At 320kbps, download your copy of
Rocstone's "Like Chicago" here:

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As Canada’s hip-hop culture continues to evolve, we can expect to witness the emergence of talent that may previously have gone unrecognized by the mainstream. Rocstone is one such artist whose unique contributions will help to define the role of Canadian hip-hop internationally. He foregoes the thuggary, self-aggrandizement and posturing so common in hip-hop to bring out the spiritual side of rap. He leaves a space for people to relate.

Rocstone’s lyrics require introspection from the listener to be fully appreciated, as he often takes a left field approach to his subject matter. But on the surface the visceral nature of his delivery makes even casual listening rewarding. The production moves beyond the standard drum loop and sample approach, creating an often eerie environment for Rocstone’s lyrics.

Since moving to Toronto from Kingston, Jamaica in 1984, Rocstone has devoted himself to his music and poetry, performing live shows, recording, and filming five videos, three of which appeared on Much Music. With an album soon to be released Rocstone is prepared to enter the next phase of his career and to continue his evolution as an artist.