pure noise/pure pop, male/female vocals, bombs, phone-taps, love, murder, Christians/Muslims, casino piano, RnB, country, house and rock. velvets, fleetwood mac, throbbing gristle, whigfield. "Urban paranoia and moody melody" (Q)


New album "Night Fold Around Me"
released June 2006 on 12 Apostles

Q: "Urban paranoia and moody melody is what they do best...the trio remain an intriguing concern and this belated third album sees that continuing" 3/5

The Scotsman:"a terrific collection of lush, intelligent electro pop full of beauty, tempered optimism and gallows wit" 4/5

new-noise.net: "Dreamy touches, stealthy beats and a very welcome sense of not knowing exactly what they've been listening to"

Copacetic Zine:"there's a real earnestness and honesty on display here, and I couldn't help but be embraced by its charms."

Praised in the press by Radiohead and Orbital, UK/US trio ROC have confounded and delighted critics and fans since their first releases, underground classics like "God Willing" and "Girl With A Crooked Eye". They ransack everything from pure noise to pure pop, combining idiosyncratic male/female vocals, sound effects and straight instruments to reflect modern urban complexity more fully than their tradrock peers.

"if the prospect of a pillar-to-post ride through the post-modern gamut deosn't give you a nosebleed, then you and ROC deserve each other" (uncut).

ROC released their third album "Night Fold Around Me" in June 2006. It's the overdue follow-up to the widely-acclaimed "Virgin" (Virgin Records 1997) and their debut "ROC" (Setanta Records 1996). Accepting a Q best album award, Radiohead's Ed O'Brien said his vote would have gone to "Virgin".

The new album (on fast-rising London/Brooklyn label 12 Apostles) has been warmly received by UK press, and 2 singles have enjoyed strong radio support. "Princess" was BBC 6music's Evening Sequence Single of the Week. "Journey to the Centre of Brixton" had plays on Radio 1 and 6music. The tracks have been played on stations in USA, France, Germany, Seweden, Spain and Australia. A further single from the album "Sink A Bite Into Life" is planned, meanwhile a 12' remix of the track by Aussie electrobrat Dsico is currently topping UK club dj charts.

From their early singles the group was quickly labelled 'perverse' and 'uncategorisable' for their refusal to stick to a pre-ordained genre, instead viewing the whole of pop music as fair game for their ideas. While some viewed this as mere mischief, others realised ROC were attempting something more complex:

"be young, be British, parade some sickly indie variant of pop around the shop, watch your so-called career rise in times of chest-beating patriotism and then dip sharply when people come to their senses; alternatively take the ROC route and visit a Britain that is a more paranoid place that the Albion of their peers. ROC examine the true youth stories of our time: the long-term effects of hedonism, atomised, uncertain urban lives, boredom." (nme)

"their references are as broad as the Severn Bridge, from Velvet Underground to Phil Spector, DJ Shadow to Kraftwerk, kitsch rock to Europop, but that doesn't matter because ROC still make it sound like they're treading through virgin territory." (Melody Maker).

The early singles displayed a tendecy to black humour (still evident on the latest album). "Girl With A Crooked Eye" is a story of domestic violence on the Costa Del Sol, and "X-ine" contains the line "I hope you both get Aids". But with their first album "ROC" the group revealed a more personal side. Fred Browning and Karen Sheridan delivered forlorn breakup songs, screaming rants and self-loathing. But they still weren't beyond upbeat pop songs ("Hey You Chick!"), dreamy instrumentals and spoken word. They also let loose with all manner of sound effects, real answerphone messages from friends and lovers, taped conversations, fragments of tv and radio. "Excised" starts with a secret recording of a friend's wedding.

The "Virgin" album features "Dada", a techno-riot based around Ugandan dictator Idi Amin's infectious laugh, and "Said What I Said" which predated both Goldfrapp's electro-glam stomps and the UK's appetite for Jerry Springer-type TV shows. But these are again interposed with raw emotional material such as the closer "Ocean & England". Q magazine said: "it ends with a love song - now that is unsettling."

Although branded as pranksters, ROC's story is one of committed perseverance. They gained a 'difficult' reputation when their label wrote an open letter to the industry warning people against working with them; and while critics were celebrating their 'fuck-the-formula' approach, ROC were beyond the wit of marketing departments: two lead singers; too dance for rock/too rock for dance...

Despite rave reviews for their second album, Virgin dropped ROC during an executive meltdown. The group continued with three single releases, including "2000Mann" on ex-NME wri



Written By: sheridan

Found myself again on a southbound London train
with a coffee in my hand and its caffeine pumping round
felt the pain across my left side
felt the stitch across my best side
didn't want it all to start again

i have spent so many days
feeling like i'm in a drugged-up haze
how could one man hold me focused
i got distracted i didn't notice
that the sadness brought on in
outstayed its welcome
it should have been
told hit the road a long time ago

i've got to be strong
i've got to move on
i've got to believe
this won't stay with me

the city went on by
and as it did i felt like dying
everything seemed pretty good
i was home free and understood
felt the pain across my left side
felt the stitch across my best side
didn't want it all to start again

could it be to be free
isn't part of your vocabulary
you want it all ways but generally
you're the one that lets me down
you were a free bird
and now you say you're the one hard done
if you were honest with yourself
then you'd know what you've done


Written By: browning

Don’t you worry bout a thing
Just be my princess and
Let me be your king
And everything’s
gonna turn out right
Everything’s gonna be fine

So let the bombs drop
And let all the guns shoot
Let the children all burn while
The population loots
Cos that’s all happening a million miles away
And nothing’s gonna spoil
our perfect day

Don’t you worry about a thing
You can be my queen if you
Let me be your prince
And everything’s
Gonna turn out right
Everything’s gonna be fine

And all the torture and the
Maiming and the horror
And the raping and the slaughter
and the pain
of just living
well that’s all happening a thousand times a day
and we’ll let nothing
come and spoil
our perfect day

just getting somewhere
now we’re going nowhere

don’t you worry about a thing
just be my saviour
and let me be your saint
And everything’s
Gonna turn out right
Everything’s gonna be fine

and you could be a prisoner
in a serial killer’s cellar
you could be stuck in a marriage
that ain't going nowhere
I been lost in a maze for the last four years
Cara mia principessa
If things can only get
A little better


Written By: sheridan

there is a river
forever flowing
forever changing
there is a river
forever going places
but if you just lay back and face the sky
you'll make your journey all the more smoothly

there is the glitter of the water all around you
there is the glitter of what i've found in you
and what is still in you

i won't be seeing you clearly now
just a faint impression of how you were

water flowing over the skin
water flowing through the sunlit hair
and your eyes reflect the sky
it'll all stay with me

there is a river
forever flowing
forever changing
there is a river
forever going to better places
but if you just lay back and face the sky
you'll make your journey all the more smoothly


1. "ROC"
Released1/96 on Setanta Records (UK&Europe), Bar None (USA)
Catalogue numbers SETCD22/SETMC22

2. "Virgin"
Released 9/97 on Virgin Records (world)
Catalogue numbers CDV2829/TCV2829

3. "Night Fold Around Me"
Released 6/2006 on 12 Apostles (world)
Catalogue number APCD01

SINGLES (selected - for full list please see www.rocmusic.com)

1. "Hey You Chick"
Released 9/96 on Virgin Records
Catalogue numbers VSCDT1608/VST1608

Radio: BBC Radio1 UK
Press: NME single of the week
TV: Video TOTP2 (BBC 2)

2.(Dis)count Us In
Released 8/97 on Virgin Records
Catalogue numbers VSCDT1644/VSCDX1644

Radio: BBC Radio1 UK
Press: Melody Maker single of the week

3. "Cheryl"
Released 4/97 on Virgin Records
Catalogue numbers VSCDT1620

Radio: playlist, Jo Whiley single of the week, both BBC Radio1 UK
Press: Melody Maker single of the week

4. "Princess"
Released 6/05 on 12 Apostles
Distributed by cargo
Catalogue number ROC15

Radio: BBC 6music Evening Sequence single of the week

5. "Journey to the Centre of Brixton"
Released 12/05 on 12 Apostles
Distributed by Cargo Records UK
Catalogue numbers AP05/AP55

Radio: BBC Radio1 (UK)
Press: Playlouder.com 2005 Readers Poll Top 50 singles

Set List

journey to the centre of brixton
i want you
hey you chick
sink a bite into life
girl with a crooked eye
just one thing

8 songs, 40 mins, no covers