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Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music Reviews of Hip-Hop, Rap, Urban, Turntablism, R&B"

Formerly known as Hi-Tec, Florida’s Rocwell blasts through the lobby doors with his tongue lashing out lyrics that many MC’s would stray away from. These are personal songs folks; you know the kind, they’re what made Eminem famous but without the whole “I’m gonna kill my wife” stuff. Rocwell has been leading people peer into the depths of his mind since the tender age of 12 when he first started using writing as an outlet. It came naturally and stuck bringing us to the day of “Da Hustla”. His lyrics are top-notch but the production is middle of the ground, which is a shame. He needs to hone his craft alongside the backdrop of some real bombastic cuts but only time and money and elbow grease is stopping him.

J-Sin -

"Untouchables Review"

Conceived and MC'd by Renaissance main man Rocwell, Untouchables is not a bold new concept: It's just a mixtape with a bunch of Renaissance compatriots (mostly from Orlando) putting their best rhymes forward. But again, looks can be deceiving. Rocwell may get his face in front of crowds as a lyric-spitter.
Ultimately, Untouchables is a holistic and highly polished mix that functions perfectly as a resume for Rocwell and for the Orlando hip-hop scene at large. - Jason Ferguson


"The Best of Rocwell: mixtape (hosted by Dj Bonds 'the specialist') available now 2011

"Evolution: the birth of diversity" (collaboration album with Swamburger from Sol.illaquist of Sound) avaiable now 2009

(previous releases)
CD: Lambogenidoze(Chevy Anthem)- Single (world wide distribution) - best single runner up for top record pool
CD: The Untouchables - Mixtape Vol. 1
CD: Welcome to the Chop Shop - Single
CD: The Arrival - (Renaisssance Records)



Rocwell, a native of Florida, is a breath of fresh air. He is an icon in the making; not just an attractive advertisement. There is a message in his voice, truth in his rhyme. Far greater than what the industry has become used to. Through his work, he has created a fan base that respects his creative lyrics and style. Rocwell writes from his life experiences, memories, and from the music that always surrounds him. The personal connection he builds is encouraging and second to none.

As we sift through the black coals of today’s world of music, it has become obvious that talent is less of a priority. It has become motions of the latest trends and gimmicks. Fortunately, for music's sake, there are still a few diamonds in the rough. An emcee by the name of Rocwell, is one that glitters, and has made instant fans. In addition to his talent, he is unique, as well as versatile. He is capable of receiving and carrying the torch for the rebirth of Hip Hop. Take notice of how he shines as bright and bold as any supernova.

With the release of his first single titled, "COLD WORLD" feat. Biz and Blanco; you get a glance at how challenging and cold life has been, and can be, as seen through the eyes of Rocwell. The catalog of his music expresses wit and flow, at its finest. The vocabulary demands attention, the stories command you to listen. The end result is the mind being captured in Roc's World only to be freed when the music dies.

Standing 6'7" inches tall, Rocwell encompasses an electrifying stage presence built on a strong Hip Hop foundation.

His credits include sharing the same stage along side of:
- Lil’ Wayne / Big Tymers - Trina - Trick Daddy - Wyclef
- KRS ONE - Bone Thugs N Harmony - Mystikal - Ludacris and more!

With such creativity, diversity and lyrical ability, one can only imagine the heights to which the career of this newcomer will climb. The creation of a new legacy is upon the Rap dynasty. A leader of a new school comes forward to lend a helping hand to the revolution evolution. Bringing the music that has been enjoyed by many, for so many years, to the next level.

Don't miss out on history in the making. Keep your eyes focused on Rocwell.