Rod (Chase) Ruffin

Rod (Chase) Ruffin


My songs are about life, love and humans being human on this journey called life. Still hot to the touch, but definitely a little cooler. Contact Info: (510) 205-5040


Breaking News: Rod Chase Ruffin is one of the winners of the:
"SingerUniverse Best Vocalist Awards"
Also awarded the:
"RadioIndy Gold Artist Award"
My award winning lead vocals will be featured on all its independant radio stations world wide.

Entertainer, bandleader, writer, musician, lead/background vocalist, vocal arranger published songwriter and poet. Has composed, recorded and toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe, now based out of California. He is currently available for national/international bookings and songwriting commissions; commercials and recording projects a specialty.
Chase is a gifted songwriter who can be credited for having many of his songs performed by artists from all over the world.
Other credits during his career include working with: Gene Chandler, Chuck Berry, Parliament Funkadelic, Shelia E, Narada Michael Walden, The Jazz Crusaders, Jeffery Osborne, Frieda Payne, Quiet Riot and many others.

I have written or co-wrote for many national/international personalities including: Boni Boyer of Prince and The NPG, Rusty Allen of Sly & TFS, Dennis Edwards of the Temptations, Mel & Tim, Fontella Bass, Phil Perry, Jamie Hawkins, Brian Simms, Ivory Monkey, Sonata Pi, We Friends and Charles Wells. I write my songs to the performer or subject with precision, incite and intensity but: "I can make ya dance" or just groove. My lyrics are strong, poetic, imaginative, introspective and intelligent. Let me tell your story!
My biggest songwriting influences are:
The Beatles, Elton John/Bernie Taupin, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant/Jimmy Page, Joni Mitchell, George Clinton and Prince.

Because my music and voice cross many musical boundries; I can tailor shows to events, moods and venues.


Broke The Chain

Written By: Rod Ruffin/Rick Janz

(1st verse)

Now is when I want it and want it fast
Turn the page you had your chance
You can steal a day, but I'll rock your nights
We won't live in darkness won't lose sight

This might be our Demember
Got to get it while we can
Don't want what they remember
Right now we make our stand
Its not over till its over
We'll fight like we're insane
And if there's no tomorrow
We'll know we broke the chain...

(2nd verse)

Don't ever want to hear it anymore
From a smile behind a blood stain door
Won't settle for what we're told
Chained to a promise in the hold


Got our lives, in our hands
Ain't too young to have a plan
Walk it like we talk it you know we're gonna, make it right
Or take our dreams and, die tonight...


Written By: Rod (Chase) Ruffin

I think I've spoke it for the last time
Think you mean it finally this time
Much was lost from your point to mine, what fit so well is out of rhyme...

Sometimes from our deck I'd stop to
See a Bird in flight such freedom
On the mailbox Mr., Mrs.,
The warmth and strength from your kisses
Now feels weak within my arms
I miss what was a futures gone
From my point of view, this don't acclaim you
Like challenges often do...

As I stare beyond hills and rooftops
And grey skies that spill our forever
Clouds of faces, with your traces
Takes me back to you
Saying you're leaveing, your heart was grieving
Felt this was no longer you
But I did my best, if there's nothing left
Then that's your point of view...

But I love you yes, I love you
Your mirror still tells how much you love me
But you can't fool me, as you fooled you
To believe the grass to be greener
God has said forever lies
Between our love and heavens skies
If you've heard loves yet to be found
You haven't heard a sound...

You Saw Me Threw My Eyes

Written By: Rod (Chase) Ruffin

"You Saw Me Threw My Eyes"

From a light on the table
The one with no shade
Silhouettes bend in smoke from the tray
You want me to stay
The cigarettes must go
They're strong sometimes Baby I know
Sipping on Brandy watching your candy smile
As I look at you, you look at me
And I wince from your wanting stare
Ooo and I want you there
Wanna be inside of you

Never bothered sharing the me locked inside
But once for a moment you saw what's inside
And saw the nakedness of my soul
You saw me threw my eyes
You touched me and heighten my life...

Was as much a surprise for me
As it was for you
We quivered the whole night threw
Passions rose to the sky
Inner feelings flying high
Lord it's hard to handle it's so new
It was love like theres never been
Tell we gained control again
Me in your arms, you in mine
Soft as our furry spies
Covererd me like the night
With no need of disquise

How Can I Love You

Written By: Rod (Chase) Ruffin

"How Can I Love You"

You've been around, a time or two
Confident the answers at your command
So you say a spades a spade and it gets no greener
Than this end that is at hand
I promise you one thing Baby
To close your mind is crazy...

Feelings are natural, without darkness there is no light
You deserve more than casuals
And giving your all in just one night
Takes longer for wounds to heal
And know what you really feel...
How can I love you
When you won't let me love you
How can I love you
When you say I'm supposed too
Like the world owes you life
And time won't pass you by
How can I love you
When you won't let me try...

How can you say you know love
When never took the time
What you see with the heart
You don't see with the eyes
How can you say you've loved and lost
When never took a chance
How can I hold you in my arms
When you're tieing both my hands...

Let this be a lesson Girl
Let this moment not die in vain
And take from each second Girl
Heat of the eternal flame
And I'll be right there Baby
Cause simply I love you Lady...
(Chorus/Vamp Out)

I Wish You Love

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"I Wish You Love"

I wish you the homeless
I wish you the restless
Here's to you the helpers
A heart in helter skelter
To a little bitty voice
To a big ol dream
For a concious choice
To give to believe...

I wish you love
I wish you its touch
To fill your days
To light the way...

On the lips of lovers
In the hands of brothers
The eyes of my mother
For one another
A wish for every baby
Be from sea or sand
May love surround you
And give peace its chance...


"And in the end the love you take
Is equal to the love you make"
A wise man once said
So make it now
Don't hesitate
We can hardly wait...

Love is, the sun in the summer sky
Love is, my fathers voice in the night
Love is, a brotherhood of man
Love is my first born in my hands
I wish you love
You... 7x's

Love is joy, love is peace
Love is what I feel in me
Love is you, love is me
Loved is what we want to be...


Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin


Ooo Baby, this is crazy, you have to know this is crazy, this is crazy love, just a crazy love, crazy over you, this is it, I'm Twisted...

Love me do, love me don't can't make up your mind
In the past, in the now, ain't it bout time
You can play, I won't stay that's elementary
One forward, two back, makes me so dizzy
Enough, too tuff, I'm Twisted...

In your way that toxicating style
We're so good together
But you can hurt, turn your love around
Stroke me with lace then leather
I can see by your face in your mind there's clever
Touch me, give me a reason
Carousel love going round and around
With stops at pain and pleasure
That's enough, too tuff, I'm Twisted

Love me...or leave me
You've got the key
Take the time, to get it right
Love me tonight,
You can't keep love on ice

Twisted, shiftin, totally twisted 4x's

In your way that toxicating style
We're so good together
But you can hurt, turn your love around
Stroke me with lace then leather
That's enough, too tuff, I'm Twisted

Ooo Baby this is crazy, you have to know this is crazy, this is crazy love, just a crazy love, crazy over you, this is it, I'm Twisted...

(Scat verse)
I'm twisted, oh Lord, up and down and round with you, say you...

You've got me twisted, totally shiftin gonna be missing all of my love devine...
If you're just playing all that I'm saying, this situation is running out of time...
(repeat both verses)

I'm Twisted...
Early in the morning, late at night,
You've got me, you've got me, so twisted...
You've got me Twisted....

Silent Heart

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"Silent Heart"

Why didn't you tell me?
Did I seem so far?
I'm not a solitary man
Why couldn't I see it?
I guess I was dreaming
Now it's time to clear the air

Don't be, Silent Heart, Silent Heart
Open up and fly away
Don't be, Silent Heart, Silent Heart
Open up and fly away

Once upoun a time
This sweet little girl
She thought I loved another
When she was my world
Burnin and yearnin much to my surprise
What I thought was in my heart
Was in your eyes...

Now that I know I'm not alone
And you feel the way that I do
There's no reason why we should be alone
Speak from your lips this day
What your heart has been trying to say
Trying to say to me...
(Chorus/Vamp out)

Bitches "N" Cream

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"Bitches "N" Cream"

Bold across the plains
Babies at their breasts
With men hard and ruthless
Hopsack, silk and tress
She listens to his dreams
And skillfully molds her own
Broken men and animals
She tears at life alone...

The smell of money in motion
The Mothers the obscene
The chaste the inner thinkers
The bitter and the mean
Don't need more than a mouthful
With hips just so and lean
Served up hot and nasty
Tastes like Bitches "N" Cream...

Comming from the east
Torches in the night
Chants of love and peace
Screams of equal rights
Suffragettes in motion
Say Barley Corn must die
And Brother you should see the light
And follow it to Christ...


Malibu Babies in the noon day sun
To freaks so dark and pale
Six gun mama's joy ride
Destination Hell
Cocaine hookers with painted smiles
Lend color to the night
One with a cherry, two in the ready, three for the time of your life...


Little Bitches so sweet,
Good enough to eat
Little Bitches in love,
Comming out for blood...

Al Brown's Theme

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin/Al Brown

"Al Brown's Theme"

There is a guy in town
You know the man he ain't no clown
His name is Al Brown,
Al Brown and that's his name
The man is tall, cool, suave and debonaire, a killer stare with savior faire' a claim to fame...

When he does his set
The Bebop players got to come and take a sit
Because they want to know
Just what he gonna throw down
On the town, when he's around...

There is a guy in town all the ladies gather round
His name is Al Brown,
Al Brown and that's his name...



Written By: Rod Chase Rufin


Lately I've been thinking
Time has come and been
From our sweet beginings
To this bitter end
Like flowing streams to no where
No peace inside here
Lately I've realized I love you

Warms of spring which burned to summer
Winter only knew
How cold we'd be to one another
If in fact we're threw
No time for autumn plans
A lonely man and women
Lately I've had this erge to hold you
Lately I've, realized I love you
I love you
I love you...


Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin


Imagine me, imagine you.. Baby
I'm just enough to see you threw safely
A magic ride on a neon sky
surf extensions of this world
Like in a childs eye a new horizons daily...

Rockets reaching to the sky
It's no wonder why
Beauty buds bloom peace each night
Blessed by dew drops from your eyes
Star swept skies, sprinkles stardust in the night
Puts the love in our lives
Showers us this very night

Loves a new each time with you
Brings a bright and sunny day
In you and me the earth and sea
Birthing love, and it reaches
The galaxy beyond physical means
Measages in every star
A love parade so love can be saved
Shared both near and far...


Dreams In my Coffee

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"Dreams In my Coffee"

Dreams in my coffee, around the machine
Standing and listening, and smiling at old news
I still remember, when we had some for two
I was so close to you...

Dreams in my coffee, of a morning with you
So many mornings I could be with you
It's on my face now, its of me and you
Warm together...

Breakfast and sercrets our hearts hold dear
No pecks or papers
Soaked cigerettes or tears my dear
I love you, and you still don't know

Dreams in my coffee, around the machine
Standing and listening, and smiling at old news
I still remember when we had some for two
I was so close to you...


Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

(Brights eyes Glowing)

Latonya says, "Good mornin Chile"
Bright eyes glowing makes me smile
Love is stronger day by day
Sweet, petite such a sensitive treat
I know I've found the prize
When I see love in those hazel eyes...

Soft sandy hair, skin honey brown
I need you here, Ooo safe and sound
I wonder how you found the time,
to love a boy like me
But everytime I hold you close,
I know we were meant to be...

Bright eyes glowing
Keep on glowing
Light my darkess night
You're the north star in my life...

Miss Tonight

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

Miss Tonight

I wake up to a smile with you this morning
Spirits stirring long before the dawn
And all threw the day for you there's longing
In my heart there's a happy song
Dreaming of the night
It's gonna feel so right
You and I...

Wine and candle light wet the evening
Finally there's magic in my hands
Visions of my unspoken feelings
Woman, you complete this man
We can't miss tonight
Heaven is in sight, Miss Tonight...

Miss Tonight the moon and stars have taken flight
The flame of passion in your eyes
Hold me tight kiss me till the dawn is burning bright
Yes Tonight, Miss Tonight...

Far too frequently I get these cravings
Salty, sweet intrusions on my mind
A single touch, turns into forever
In your arms is where I'm most alive
We can't miss tonight, heaven is in sight
Miss Tonight...


Le... Cool...just cool

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

Le...Cool...just cool

A gentile candor, a wolfish grin
Symbolic plaything at his wrist
A Midas touch that gets bold with L.A.
The angels heed what he has to say
No remorse for a diamond chip on his shoulder
That's never aloud to hit the floor
Heart of stone, on the heels of his ego
Scene 2 act 5 he walks out the door

Barbado's at eight
Paris can wait
Lovers in need
The journel to read
Champagne and eggs
Polo and plays
Le...Cool,... just cool

Arresting eyes, a silver tongued hero
Carte Blanche' was the battle cry
He plays your love, like a modern day Nero
While you burn in distant eyes
He slings the dice like a manicured solder
Massage at three with no you
He leaves his card have jet will travel accomodations for one no two


Another Day

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

Another Day

Long rides soft and mellow
Bout to take me in
There waits Cinderella
She's back in my arms again
Been on my mind since day one
Lord knows you're the only one
Till it's time to go again
You can never win
You know you can never win...

Don't want to lead you on
Don't want you to go home
Don't want to turn you away
We can do it all, another day
Another day...

Hot winds blow in the burning sun
Haven't seen water for days
Could use, something soft and a cold one
But I'm to damn set in my ways
I could have died a high proud father
I could've loved you I suppose
But I've got to respect my freedom
I'll be back again, I gues I'll be back again...


Tell Me Tony

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"Tell Me Tony"

Tell me Tony, tell me why
You took that pie in the sky
Selling slices to know one
Just let them take from you
Don't you know cause I know
They don't love you like I do...

Tell me again how your musics grown
And this love affair with that microphone
That kisses your lips night after night
While my lips burn in dispite
You'd think that I would have your days
Rehearsals come and make their way
But somebody loves you Tony
For you only...


Tell me Tony is this the dream
That was to find us well
A private life of ours alone
A career that payed the bills
Do you see it still?

Tell me Tony, tell me why
You took that pie in the sky
Selling slices to no one
Just let them take from you
Don't you know cause I know
They don't love you like I do
Like I do...


Written By: R.C. Ruffin/M.A. Smith/W.J. Hawkins


I promised once a faithful hand
To see it threw till the end
Whispering forever more
to love, honor and adore
But another place, or maybe another time
Would you have stayed with me, Would you still be mine, my love...

If I promise once again
To be faithful till the end
If I promise just once more
To love honor and adore
If I got down on bended knee
Would you still choose me
If I pledge my love to never end
Would you marry me... again...

To have and to hold to my soul
The ups and the downs, the highs and the lows
But if you had the chance to leave
Would you walk out on love and our family
Oooo would you stay, or turn and walk away
Do you still feel for me, or have your feelings changed, my love...


Sharing a life together,
True love is our wealth
Threw the stormy weather
I'm never by myself
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part
I need to know, do you still have my heart...


Loving You

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"Loving You"

Kiss me and say, with your feelings
You love me today, leave me reeling
From moment to moment
Let me live you child
These hearts as one beating
Know what it's all about...

It's about loving you and touching you
And giggles in the dark
Being into me, reaching all of you
Perfection in motion lost in the notion
Loving you...

Cafe au' lait,
Finger flirting, in the noon shade
This sensation is silly and strong
It's so deep it's a high
To face the unknown
With eyes open wide...


Making a Voyage

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"Making a Voyage"

Making a voyage, in mind
Breaking away from the mundane in our time...


And rehetoric, those juicy bits
I've seen beauty, belonging
Threw expression, love's fashion
I wear proudly, inside,
Inside my heart...

Making a voyage, round here
Where all of it's going, is clear
Sometimes it shakes me, too deep
But love's ever knowing it holds
And silently standing the blows
So you can't fool me giving threw to pain...


Making a voyage to joy
And loving your body galore
Till our senses sync
There was no to think
It's just a natural instinct
As pure as the day
So don't give way to pain...


Another Bad Habit

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"Another Bad Habit"

It started out as fun, you were the one
Till I could not feel, knew it would not heal
A taste of you each day,
To a need to hear you say
Take me in your arms, love me long, hard and strong...

Just another bad habit
You're just another bad habit

Before the morning sun
And before my cigerettes done
The first thoughts of you
And the hands that burn and soothe
I just can't get enough,
Of that toxicating stuff
Now I know I'll never give you up...


One kiss is too much, and a thousand is never enough
One day at a time, I keep a, telling my mind
But it's never up to me
Peace beyond my reach
Come feed this ever growing need in me...


Hells Bells

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"Hells Bells"

Burnin down the road again
Lookin for love, built for sin
Evil sings into the night
Out of the darkness liquid in flight
Rides a horse of midnight blue
Hell bent for leather with a searing fuse
Leaves a good girls dreams
Like a wishing well
Shiney and mean they never kiss and tell..


Hells Bells, She said...

Tatooed bodies pierced with rage
Tongue n cheek saviors of the nuclear age
With one thing in common
The passing of time,
That makes heros of us all if we toe the line
And serve our masters from our private jails
As we wash their feet, we hear the chimes from hell...

Hells Bells, He said...


Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin


I.C.U. Baby, undercover of the night
Safe from harm Baby, emotions out of sight
But the, sun must shine
A heart of gold sometimes grieves
Such is the world Baby,
You've got to come out to breathe...


I know where you go
I know what you feel inside
I've spied, you can't hide
No not this time
I.C.U. threw the shades of blue
I need you, need you in my life
I.C.U. threw the shadows past
I need you,
Don't give up in flight...

He came on strong Baby,
Took your love like a thief in the night
It was a capital wrong Baby,
When all you stood for was right
A mask can't disquise,
What I see in you
Don't kill the precious one
Cause that precious one is you...


The 7th Son

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin

"The 7th Son"

On the 7th day, of the 7th year
I was born, the 7th son
And it was said, I'd have a preachers hands
And calm the restless heart, of a killing man...


7th son, of a 7th son
Seven roses in the mire
Seven locks on seven fates
Seven kisses of fire...

I've been a man, no never the lucky one
Cause it's truth are chance, slow tax and romance
With eyes burning like the sun...


Never asked for quarter
Made to be a myrter let me be
Let life begin
I soothe the lost and forsaken
Can you feel the earth shakeing
Open and let me in....
I'll walk you threw your feelings
If there's something left redeeming
To watch you bleed,
And plead for self control...


All In a Dream

Written By: Rod Chase Ruffin/Charles Wells

"All in a Dream"

Evenings camme we must go to rest
Here I lay drifting on
The mood is set
Fantasy is only a step away
But all will end with the coming of day...

Racing car buildings rise from sand
In London for tea, I'm even Superman
Deep meditation within the slumber of my mind
These things are sometime real to me...

But it's all in dream...

Rescue me, I'm falling down a cliff
No I won't bottom, I'll just drift and drift
Round and round on a treadmill climb
No conception of space or time
It's getting cold, I'll pull the cover s on
Only to find my dreams have come and gone
We must rise to start our day
For it to end, and be remembered as yesterday and...

All in a dream...


Ivory Monkey LP
Spread the Word LP
Music Forever 3.141666666 EP
Motocycle Rider LP

Set List

I write/perform songs for all Genre/Occasions.
I have all Original sets, Covers, Standards, Rock, Jazz , R & B, Funk, Pop and Adult Contemporary sets.
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1.) Al Brown
2.) Stardust
3.) Twisted
4.) Silent Heart
5.) Searcher Of Sorrows
6.) Miss Tonight
7.) Views
8.) I Wish You love
9.) Broke The Chain
10.) I.C.U.
11.) The International
12.) Passion Play
13.) How Can I Love You
14.) Latonya
15.) Another Day

1.) Too High
2.) A Song For You
3.) Gaucho
4.) Use Me
5.) In Your Eyes
6.)You've Got The Love
7.) Digging In The Dirt
8.) My Promise
9.) If You Want Me To Stay
10.). Rio (More Than A Dream
11.) I Wish
12.) Lets Get It On
13.) If I Ever Lose This Heaven
14.) Superstar
15.) A House Is Not A Home
16.) Trouble Man
17.) Thank You For Letting Be Myself Again
18.) Just My Imagination
19.) For The Love Of Money