The Roddies

The Roddies


Pennsylvania Brothers of Rock N Roll. Down and Dirty Original Rock N Roll. Think of music that will get you off your ass, kick back a cold beverage and get your head knocking. The Roddies are a throwback to grooving vibes for an era that needs to keep the Rock music flowing.


Twin brothers Fran and Rich Rodowicz, brother Keith and cousin Ray form the Pennsylvania brotherly rock outfit The Roddies. From the bands first demo album getting play on Philadelphia's WMMR and WXPN to their current sophomore release entitled Monsters & Bugs, the band gives you that by the campfire sound of Rock N Roll. They've been influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Band, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers and more. The band is actually grandsons of Frank Rodowicz who used to back Frank Sinatra and Artie Shaw on Trombone back in the Big Band days. On stage the brothers look like a set of triplets jamming out, switching instruments and giving the crowd a head knockin, foot stompin good time.


The Roddies: A Demonstration
Radio Play:
Two Weeks Gone; WMMR 93.3 Philadelphia
Train Ride; WXPN 88.5 Philadelphia; WSTW Delaware
The Roddies: Monsters & Bugs: WXPN, WSTW, Comcast SportsNet Highlight Reels

Set List

Train Ride
30 Days
Life's Lessons
New Mexico
Monsters & Bugs
Covers: BlackCrowes, The Band, The Beatles, The Allmans, CSNY, Led Zeppelin