Being a trauma ICU/RN by profession, the inspirations for my songs are my personal experiences at the bedside. I deal with life so much that oftentimes I am compelled to share some of these stories thru music. ..for it might as well be the food for the soul.


I grew up listening to the Beatles. I remember playing a few of their songs by ear on a bamboo flute when I was young. I never have any formal music lessons besides the High School choral group. I taught myself to play guitar in the mid 70's and discovered my passion. I learned enough songs by James Taylor, CSNY, Jim Croce and Neil Young (to name a few) to get me some gigs around the city to help support my education. After I graduated, I concentrated on my career and raised a family. But we move around quite a bit, from Florida, New York, Chicago, then finally, to California. This is where the music bug hit me again, when I volunteered to play guitar for the children's choir at my church in Fresno. I found my second calling once again, playing and writing Christian music. When we moved to San Diego and worked in the trauma ICU, I get to know the patients and family members so well because they stay in the hospital for a longer period of time. As stressful as it is, I found a lot of gratification in making a difference in these people's
lives. Sometimes, just talking to these people is all they need, but for me, the inspirations have just begun.


Streaming tracks of my mini album can be found on
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The title of my Mini album is LIFE STORIES.

Set List

Three 30 minute sets. At least 2 sets are my own compositions. One set covers Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Loggins/Messina, Eric Clapton, Simon/Garfunkel.