Chicago, Illinois, USA


Do you believe in destiny? Well, now you do because there's no other way to explain the formation of Rodeo. Two kids, Jordan Sirven and Richald Giraldi, attending college in New Orleans and bonding over Sonic Youth t-shirts, seemed so right for each. But later, each went their own way until fate reunited them in Chicago. From there, musical endeavours were forged and broken until drummer George Nisbett joined the fold. Thus, Rodeo was born. Destiny.

Rodeo's love of early indie rock and alternative is quite evident in their sound as is the tension between Sirven's lo-fi experimental side and Giraldi's heavier one. Rodeo is a band that dares you to hate them. It's abrasive and sarcastic. It's got the dissonant guitar sound of the Sonic Youth, but the I-don't-give-a-shit mojo of Bleach-era Nirvana. Add to that Sirven's manic vocals, and you've got something damn special that bridges the gap from when alternative was an alternative to something to where we sit today.

After much gigging, the band are poised to force their aptly named "Sarcastic Summer" EP onto the unsuspecting public. Mixed by Bart Pappas of Holodeck Studios and mastered by Peter Andreadis (White Mystery, Baby Teeth), the EP is five songs of non-stop fuck yous. You'll want to hate it, but you'll just being playing right into Rodeo's hands. Rodeo doesn't give a shit, but it's about time you do.

- Ross Meyerson (Writer, Defender of True Metal, Rodeo Believer)


"Sarcastic Summer" (Commune Records) - Released 2/8/2010