Tacoma, Washington, USA
BandHip HopR&B

I have a refreshing urban r & B hip hop sound, that is competitive with current mainstream radio media, while encompassing a poetry club atmosphere. I am a very versatile artist as I have something for teens, tweens, and of course the ladies. While remaining true to myself and challenges of life.


An Explosive talented performer, rapper, singer/songwriter, musician and producer, as well as actor and model. This young charismatic rapper formally began his career at the age of 12. The rap phenomena's magnetic charm and genuine star quality is evident, as he exemplifies his artistry in all arenas. His talents have matured and evolved over the years, producing a "Phresh" sound all his own. Heavily influenced by artist such as Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, The Fugees and even artist before his time,such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Teddy Pendergrass this titan of sound brings magic to his generation and many to come.

A Washington State native, Roderic is professional, hard working and focused. Entepreneur is a term that definitely describes this gentleman. One whom is well versed in recording studio etiquette, he radiates an electric energy each time he is in the studio, on the stage, at your local radio station, a photo shoot, or shooting acting spots. His maturity is beyond his years, he is indeed an old sole, a quality easily recognized by his rhymes, lyrics, melodic flows and his broad range of creative talent. Although he has never had formal music lessons he is undeniably a multi-faceted entertainer. Roderic possesses a genuinely calm demeanor, his spiritual upbringing along with his personal commitment to the creator, positive optimism fosters humility, and a confident calmness. He is an approachable down to earth young man. This up and coming multi-talented entertainer has had the honorable privilege of opening for International Industry Greats such as Nelly, Missy Elliott, Fabolous, The Clipse Bone Thugs n Harmony, Tyrese, and the lengendary Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan. He has also had the honor of showcasing his craft for Russell and Kimora Simmons, NFL football player Shaun Alexander, welterweight champion of world Floyd "Money" Mayweather, DJ Clue, Rockwilder, "Bink" of One Shot Deal and many other greats. With every opportunity, he reaffirms his worth to this industry....he is not mediocre, on the contrary an emerging entertainter, embodying the charchter, intelligence, talent, creativity, tenacity and star quaility to soar through both now, and many years to come.

Roderic began his formal entertainment career in his hometown of Tacoma Wa. performing at local events. One of such events being a rap contest of 40 performers, Roderic went home in first place. One of his fondest highlights of his journey thus far is performing on the Legendary Apollo stage in Harlem New York, making him the 1st Place Winner in The Apollo Star of Tomorrow Talent Search, with other dual honors to include gracing the Ebony magazine with other honored contestants. Since his journey began aproximately 7 years ago, he has had noted performances from Seattle's Key Arena to British Columbia. He realizes he has been blessed with this amazing gift of raw talent by God, as well as the privileges of collaborating with music/entertainment greats such as Neyo, Sixx John, and Bink of "One Shot Deal" and others who believe in him, and take the time to lend a hand in developing the in-born greatness of this young man. Watch for this five fold talent threat, his career promises to be an asset to our magnificent entertainment industry.
Over the years Rod has continued to fine tune his craft, polishing his natural gifts and challenging himself in less dominate areas of his artistic potential. His recognition of the wealth of talent he possesses along with focused determination are qualities that have been and are propelling him to creativity expansion. He has quickly become a poignant lyricist, and producer. He credits his matured songwriting abilities to the inspiration of industry "big brothers" such as E-Dawg former member of Sir Mix-alots "Posse", Earl Hayes of Philthy Rich Records, Bink, B.Rossi and Don P of "One Shot Deal", and of course Neyo and Sixx John. This young talent has creatively channelled the influence of the greats ingredients, along with his "Phresh" flavor to produce a home grown sound unlike any other. This uniqueness is not limited to stage performances, but expands, highlighting to his producer/songwriter capabilities. Roderic began playing drums at 2 years old, and was the church drummer at age 5 years old. He began playing the keys at 9 years old, although he hasn't had formal lessons, he has a natural gift, playing extremely well, utilizing these God given fine-tuned assets. This young man continues to re-invent himself, and work diligently to build himself inside and out, while remaining true to his character and personal convictions. Roderic delivers a star-studded message when he enters a room, one riddled with humility, magnetic charm, tempered self confidence, and the allure of entertainment royalty. This five-fold talented titan, should be watched with great expectation and anticipation of the magnanimous success that’s sure to continue to


Jan. 2009-Mixtape Release, entitled "Permission for Take-Off", March 2009 Self-Titled EP Release, Roderic, April 2009 Video Release 1st Single Miss Ma, Music is available for download on,currently pushing record for radio play. Sept. 30 2009 appearance on BETS 106 & Park, August 27 2009 Participant BETS Blaze The Stage, Collaborative song with Neyo entilted "Infatuation". Remix of Chris Brown's jawn "You" all available @

Set List

1. I know
2. Simple Things
3. We Get It In
4. Freshman
6. Gutta Girls
7. Miss Ma
8. Look What I Plan to Do
9. A couple of covers, if time allows.