Rod Hans

Rod Hans


My music is the core of my existance.


Currently Rod Hans is a solo artist performing accasional gigs and focusing on song development, production and finding the right players to complement his current writing style. He is a multi talented and multi faceted songwriter/performer with the experience, background and integrity to enhance any project, event or venue. His unique catalog of original songs and extensive musical abilities ensure a quality performance that is always well recieved by audiences of all types.
Believing that trying to describe music with words is always inadiquate he prefers to let the songs speak for themselves.


Most recent work: "Candlelight"

Set List

Currently available to perform the following:

- Acoustic guitar and or piano solo sets.
- 1 to 2 hours of original material.
- Songs with lyrics, instramental only, or both.
- Unique style with flavorings of folk, jazz, pop,
easy listening, country, and more.
- Small intimate settings to large festival and
concert events.
- Also available as a vocalist, guitarist, bassist,
and composer/arranger.