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Rod Kinny

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States | INDIE

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Review of Rod Kinny's Higher Self by Peter Braidis"

With "Higher Self", Minnesota native Rod Kinny displays a sense of melody and taste leaning towards an Adult Contemporary / Adult Alternative style. The song is at once catchy and laid back, and there are some good instrumental touches with a crisp sound regarding the mix. Kinny's voice is in an Al Stewart vein and the song is radio friendly. Quality stuff! -

"Review of Rod Kinny's Higher Self by Cool Night France"

After many months of starvation (though few exits Westcoast), it seemed that this year would be very sad, sunk in the pessimism and bad news, but here the spray distant oceans and skies color "tequila sunrise" to arrive us, with great achievements ... finally.

We return to the Pearl of Bamboo Brothers, beautiful albums of Sedona (Made in France) or Stefan Gunnarsson, but for the moment a spotlight on Rod Kinny which brings sand from California to our ears. Talented artist, Rod has had the excellent idea of working with Joe Puerta (Ambrosia / Bruce Hornsby & The Range), one of my favorite artists who also produced the "HIGHER SELF", available in CD format or MP3 on CD Baby.

Influences of Ambrosia, Steely Dan & Toto, Todd Rundgren, or to feel, mixed with a side of British pop in the late 80 or early 90's, the mix is amazing. An album always punctuated with little downtime. Marked by a beginning of real nice up-tempo like "Beyond The Impossible" or "Higher Self", accompanied by super Westcoast "Between Two World" or "Infinite Love" and the seventies "Competition". Without forgetting the British "Water To Wine" or "London Town", not so far from Prefab Sprout. Briefly, an embodiment with different tones, the fine work.

You can listen to some tracks from Rod on his myspace and of course order it on CD Baby , the price is light, do not deprive yourself.

"Positive Music Association Review or Rod Kinny's Higher Self"

Higher Self” by Rod Kinny is an album about transformation of lives and the world, in Adult Contemporary and Pop styles. The CD is of professional quality with excellent mixing of a variety of instruments, lead and background vocals. Instrumentation includes a large selection of live performances, bringing a fullness of variety and a satisfyingly entertaining effect. Compositions are excellent. Lead vocals are good, with a chorus of harmony tastefully intermingling for maximum appeal. The album includes a combination of upbeat and reflective songs, capturing and maintaining listener attention.

“Beyond The Impossible” is a smooth-flowing song, encouraging people to move past imagined limitations. “Higher Self” is a pop song of inspiration and introspection suggesting we look within to find connection to the source, leading to a magical life. The album fearlessly addresses a breakdown of long-established modes of operation, questioning blind obedience to mindless consumerism, environmental destruction and robotic adherence to unreasonable employment demands. “Infinite Love” distinguishes between the world seen with human eyes and the one of the mind's eye, proclaiming our perception of current power structures is an illusion and resolving to seek hidden opportunity. “Water to Wine” is about becoming aware of programmed behavior and discovering our true nature.

Buy the music: - Positive Music Association


Seven Dials (2002)

The Rod Kinny EP (2005)

Higher Self (2010)



A longtime musician, Rod Kinny has always had a passion for his craft. Beginning in elementary school with band and choir to playing bass in local rock bands. After graduating high school in a desperate attempt to escape his hometown of Austin, MN. Rod enlisted in the US Air Force. In the mid 1980's he found himself stationed in England. Not particularly fond of his G.I. duties, while off duty he would escape base. Most often to the lure of the bright lights of London for music, art, pubs, & nightclubs. Initially hesitant of some of the British pop charts, he soon came to appreciate the music of Level 42, Peter Gabriel, Scritti Pollitti, and many others. After leaving the Air Force and taking up digs in Minneapolis, he was playing in bands and doing catering. With frustration mounting, playing bass in local rock bands wasn't perking his creativity. And so, he quit music...... Only to be reborn as a solo artist. In early 2002 he released his lifelong dream of a solo record.

"Seven Dials" was independently produced on a modest budget and found it's way to internet radio stations around the world. Rod was the winner of a silver artist's award from Radio Gets Wild, an internet radio station in England. Feeling the positive impact he began to write for a second release. In 2005 Rod released The Rod Kinny EP. Recorded at Starvu Studios, owned by Dr. Fink, formerly with Prince & The Revolution. A more polished release from his first cd, he did his first ever tour of Australia in early 2006.

In early 2007 he began his most ambitious recording project to date with Producer Joe Puerta of Ambrosia, and Bruce Hornsby & The Range. The result is the CD “Higher Self” released in May of 2010. “Higher Self” has sold copies in 11 countries and the title track went to #1 on’s Adult Contemporary chart. Please visit for the latest happenings.