Rod Martin/Sons of Blackbeard

Rod Martin/Sons of Blackbeard

 Gaffney, South Carolina, USA

I am a singer,songwriter,and guitarist, who plays solo, duos with another guitarist, Dave Weaver, and also fronts a band. We play a variety of music from rock, blues, ragtime, jazz and other types.


Veteran songwriter/guitarist Rod Martin and musical collaborator Dave Weaver, have been performing together and separate for well over a quarter of a century. The duo first met 30 years ago at the University of N.C. at Charlotte, while earning their Bachelor of Creative Arts degrees in music. Rod dropped out for a year and played around the Carolinas with a rock band which opened for comedic genius Martin Mull and the "Ragin' Cajun" Doug Kershaw.
After graduating Dave returned to his hometown of
Greensboro, N.C. to work with a rockabilly group, while Rod pursued his rock and roll dream in Boston, where
he honed his solo act in the tough pubs of Revere Beach, and Chelsea, then returned to Charlotte.
In the early l990s Rod Martin ventured to Los Angeles as a hired session player and recorded on several CDs featuring former members of Frank Zappa's "Mothers of Invention", "Alice Cooper Group", "Hawkwind", "Gong" and "Capt. Beefheart", to name a few. Also slated for release in late 2009, Martin will be featured on a new CD featuring former members of
Todd Rundgren's Utopia , Yes, and Focus.
Along with recording his first solo album, 2009 sees Rod Martin reuniting with former bandmate Dave Weaver as an acoustic duo under the guise "Sons of Blackbeard". Both Martin and Weaver are excited about the prospect of touring together and thrilling audiences once again as they have done in the past.

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Written By: Van Morrison

And that Caravan is on its way...

Castles Made of Sand

Written By: Jimi Hendrix

Down the street you can hear her scream, you're a disgrace...

Light of this World

Written By: Rev. Gary Davis

Just as long as I'm in this world, I am the light of this world...


Under the pseudonym "Mod Martian" I have appeared on the following recordings:
Ant-Bee-ST(Pure Electric Honey)LP
Voxx Records Vx USA.

Ant-Bee-With My Favorite Vegetables & Other Bizarre Muzik CD,
Divine Records #3,UK

Ant-Bee-Lunar Muzik CD.
Divine Records #20 UK

Ant-Bee-Electronic Church Music
Barking Moondog Records

Introducing the Jamrockits
Barking Moondog Records

Set List

We typically play 45 minute sets with 15 minute breaks,
for four hours or less.
Sometimes we play an acoustic set for the first set, then bring in the drummer and play electric sets. Of course we also play strictly acoustic gigs but never
A typical acoustic set would be as follows:
"Baby Let Me Lay it on You"- Rev. Gary Davis
"Saint in the City"- Bruce Springsteen
"Light of this World"-Rev. Gary Davis
"Caravan"-Van Morrison
"Everyday I Write the Book"-Elvis Costello
"Castles Made of Sand"-Jimi Hendrix
"A Cranium Beat"-Rod Martin
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"-the Beatles
"Georgia Rag"-Blind Willy McTell
"Goin" Back"-Roger McGuinn

A Rock Set would typically include the following songs:
"My Hero"-Foo Fighters
"Wild Weekend" NRBQ
"The E Street Shuffle"-Bruce Springsteen
"Fire"-Jimi Hendrix
"Big Railroad Blues" Grateful Dead
"Boom, Boom" as performed by the Animals
"Yer Blues"-the Beatles
"An American Girl"-Tom Petty
"Thank You John"-Willy T