Lancaster, Texas, USA

Music that takes you on a journey, and tells you a story. Come... journey with me!


Im filled with music, there are so many stories inside of my dying to get out. If you would just journey with me. I have more stories than even I can tell. And thats how I got my start in the World of Music. At the age of 19 I broke on to the scene as a ghost writer. Peers in the industry couldnt believe the kinda emotion that this "kid" could evoke with just a pen, a simple beat, and a melody. I still even today enjoy writing and working with other artist. After much peer pressure and have being brought to my attention several times. In 2009 I realize that my voice touches people, and they deeply relate to the words i write. After doin a show in Dallas, TX and having a room of tear filled eyes. I knew that that was my mission, to effect the live's of all that i come in contact with. Through my experiences, through my voice, and thru my songs. Again I ask journey with me.


2011: Truth or Dare

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