Hollywood Hot Rod

Hollywood Hot Rod


Extremly catchy hooks with Power driven guitar. Power Pop


We have a very fresh sound, most people cant put their finger on it like most bands. They do say it sounds like it should be on the Radio. We currently finished recording a new record with Grammy Award winning Producer Tony Papa (weird al) at Westlake Studios in L.A on itunes.


with you alone

Written By: rodney

she glows her eyes grape like fantasy teasing pleasing a cream of desperate pleasure.
in her world she likes to fascinate educate , talk about her favorite trait, i love to hear her
all i want is what ill do when im with you alone
all ineed is what ill do when im
with you alone
shes so beautiful shes tastes just like those perfume samples in the magazines i have at home
her lips not to puffy or to bright there just right i want her i need her
all i want is what ill do when im with you alone
all i need is what ill do when im with you alone


"Famous", was added to New Music Weekly ac40,kIXR/OK,WJDF/MA ,WWIS/WI,WCMT/TN,WMOA/OH,WTNE/TN,KEHK/OR,WOCO/Green bay and many more.
"Blind" is on a Sound Track for Canadian released Film "Love Girl". 2 CD's. available at C.D.Baby.com just added ""Funny Thing" to indie connection radio show on radio x fm ,my.radio.com-local musicafe, the indie limelight radio show,moozikoo radio.radiocrystalblue.com,underworldmixradio.com,bunkradio.com,radiony.org,bananapeelradio.com/canada,radiofly1.com,bglradio.net,radiougly.com

Set List

We have several sets of original and carefully arranged medley cover material , which includes remakes of "Erotic City" by Prince, sexy mother fucker -prince(guitar heavy versions) "I Want your Sex" a mix of "Custard Pie","The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin" and the Vocal Melody of "George Michael". many covers arranged in a rock fashion We have 50+ Songs ready for 2-3 Sets of "Live" Music.