Rodrigo Campos

Rodrigo Campos

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

"The new voice of Brazil” - NPR's All Things Considered


Composer and instrumentalist, Rodrigo Campos began his artistic life playing cavaquinho and percussion in samba circles of So Mateus, the east zone neighborhood of So Paulo, where he grew up. In 2003, he released the album "Urbanda" whose original narrative about life in the periphery was noted by critics. With "So Mateus no um lugar assim to longe" (2009), his first solo album, Rodrigo has achieved great recognition, winning awards and appearing on lists of the leading newspapers of the country as one of the best of the year. His second solo album, "Bahia Fantstica" (YB Music), 2012, is reaping great reviews in the media nationally and internationally.

Review by Ben Ratlif - NY TIMES, aug 19, 2012
Like Mr. Berman, the singer-composer-bandleader Rodrigo Campos, from So Paulo, Brazil, is working on his own vertical mixture of influences. He started as a samba musician but has gotten a lot more progressive. Bahia Fantstica (YB Music), Mr. Camposs second album, sounds like it starts in the highly composed, eerily emotional pop of the records Milton Nascimento made in the early 1970s. But he pulls that sound forward with dub bass lines, droning electric guitars, downtempo funk and arrangements for winds and strings. He brings other singers on board, including Criolo and Lusa Maita, but his own controlled, mellow voice guides the tone of the album: its a quiet but intense piece of work, pulling your ears in different directions every few bars.


- São Mateus não é um lugar assim tão longe (Ambulante/ 2009)
- Bahia Fantástica (YB Music / 2012)

Set List

01 Princesa do Mar (Rodrigo Campos)
02 Cinco Doces (Rodrigo Campos)
03 Ribeirão (Rodrigo Campos)
04 Beco (Rodrigo Campos)
05. Morte na Bahia (Rodrigo Campos)
06 Sete Vela (Rodrigo Campos)
07 Aninha (Rodrigo Campos)
08 General General (Rodrigo Campos)
09 Elias (Rodrigo Campos)
10 Salve Fabricio (Rodrigo Campos)
11 Capitão (Rodrigo Campos)
12 Sou de Salvador (Rodrigo Campos)
13 Jardim Japão (Rodrigo Campos/Vicente Barreto)