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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Band Pop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




There's nothing like a Brazillian heart-throb with a pulsating new electro-pop smash in the making that can easliy make me stop what I'm doing and instantly blog about it. With that being said - I'd like you to meet Rodrigo Moratto.

His new single "Whatever Whatever" is haute. He's about to release his first English language single in the UK this summer and has just started club, radio and TV promotion. In terms of his online promotion - he wanted EQ readers to be the first to see and hear his new track, so without further delay, may you watch and enjoy Rodrigo Moratto's new video to "Whatever Whatever". I need a towel - it's getting hot in here.

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1-Vc me liberta (2006) Single/Brazil
2-Velocidade da Luz (2007)
3-Whatever, Whatever (2010)
Single/United Kingdom (to be released in march)
4-What are you gonna do?
Single/United Kingdom (to be released in April)
5-Rodrigo Moratto Album
To be released in Late April in the United Kingdom



My name is Rodrigo Moratto. I'm a Brazilian singer-songwriter who believes that talent can come from anywhere in the world. I was born in Brazil, am of Portuguese descent, lived in the USA for many years from a young age, and also spent 8 years in the Amazon. I moved back to Brazil from the US after 9/11 attacks. My company's main offices were at the WTC. I lost a lot of people and had a lunch meeting scheduled there at 11am and was lucky not to have been in the building during the attacks. After that I decided to come back to Brazil. I have been exposed to many cultures and that's all reflected in my music. My Style is POP with influences from Electro, R&B, dance, but with a Brazilian twist to it. I am different because I am the result of an unique combination of musical influences that when mixed and expressed through my voice and through my songwriting style, combined with the work of my producers, results into something new yet familiar. Commercial yet cool, fresh and new! I make music that make people want to dance and have fun, but still I'm an artist with a cause, and that cause is the preservation of the environment. My single "Whatever, Whatever" is currently in the UK Pop dance charts (15/01/2010 was at # 15). The video for it features Miss Brazil 2008 (and green model) Natalia Anderle, African Rapper and producer Dima Dahaba and was choreographed by Sheryl Murakami and Katie Berenson who choreographed Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and Beyoncé's "EGO" videos. Part of the money I make in the album will go for charities that help preserving the Brazilian rain forests. My Second single is going to be called "What are you gonna do? (Before the world is gone). The video will be in Motion Graphics animation and the theme for it will be world preservation awareness.