From the heart of Denver comes the premier up and coming local band, Roe. Heavily influenced by life's many twists and turns, the group flawlessly portrays life, love and faith in an honest and sincere pop/rock format.


The Story:

A happenstance introduction between five strangers sparks the beginning of a band that is now heralded as one of Colorado’s premier up and coming groups. Roe, from the heart of the Midwest has quickly risen in the local scene through their honest portrayal of life, love and faith. The sound has been described as a mixture of upbeat melodies and swooning tales of heartache and change. Never veering from their sentiment, “Roe pulls us flawlessly into the emotion and honesty of their tunes without abandoning integrity. Driven by blending piano based rock with heartfelt lyrics, carried by guitars and drums, Roe cleverly walks the line between rock and pop with more grace than a ballerina; a sound that gently reminds us of the struggles of being young again and the hope of finding strength to carry on once more.”

The Accolades:

* Voted best band in Denver by winning 93.3 Fm’s Hometown For The Holidays contest (December 2008)
* Named ClearChannel.Com’s “Artist Of The Week”
* Number one band on three Northern Colorado radio stations simultaneously (KCSU, KRFC, KUNC) in January 2009
* Hit single “Mayday” reached #8 most wanted song on 93.3 in December 2008.
* Named in the top three bands in Denver by 93.3 Hometown For The Holidays contest (2007) alongside The Flobots.
* Over 700 album sales already of the new record “Letters And Lights” (Released November 2008)
* Have played alongside various national acts including (but not limited to) Augustana, Single File, Tickle Me Pink, The Flobots, The Fray, The Cowboy Junkies, Sugar Ray, New Found Glory, Danger Radio, Metro Station.


Looking At You

Written By: Roe

I look at you and wonder
How you came into my life.
My Love, my everything
It's just everything you do.

I can't explain the way
I feel, I feel for you.
And I don't know what I am,
What I am going through.

But I'm looking at you and
I've got to believe
That you're also feeling the same thing for me.
And every time I'm with you I lose my mind
Oh I just want to be with you.

I look at you, you look at me,
And suddenly
I don't know where I am
But this is where I want to be.
No place to go no place to be,
There's nothing left to see.
It's just me and you,
And you and me
You're the only thing that I need.
That I need.

And you are here with me tonight
And everything's alright.
There's nowhere else I'd rather be
Than with you here next to me.

And I just want to be with you
I just want to be with you
I just want to be with you

Lose My Way

Written By: Roe

I cant make a mountain fall. I'm not that man at all.
But this is who I am, and you dont understand.
I'll make a point to show, I'm really not impressed.
I'm somewhere on my own,
I'll improvise the rest.
I'm still so far from home, to say Im moving on,
But it's my full intent, to prove this all wrong.

And I'm gone again, and I'm gone.

So close my eyes
and break me down,
There's nothing left to say.
But brace yourself I pray to god
That I will not,
that I will not lose my way.

Man it's your fear to fall,
That makes you run away.
You're bringing down these walls; I'm standing in the way.
Theres no control at all.
There's nothing left to see.
These tears are falling down upon this frequency.

And I'm gone again, and I'm gone

So close my eyes
and break me down,
There's nothing left to say.
But brace yourself I pray to god
That I will not,
that I will not lose my way.

And I can tell that you're missing the point that I make
You're asking more than you know.
Inside we lie when were stuck in an instant,
Well I guess its time I should go.
Your motives all disappear
as our feelings collide.
Your walls mean nothing again.
My arms are empty
with no one to hold them tonight.
I'm not so lonely,
I'm not turning back once again .

So save this life, you let me down,
Theres nothing left to say.
But walk my path, when I cant see
That there's not another, not another way.
Close my eyes and you can break me down,
And there is nothing left to say.
So brace yourself I pray to God,
That I will not that I will not lose my way.


Letters And Lights (November, 2008)
Frame By Frame EP (November 2006)

Roe's music has been in regular rotation on:

93.3 KTCL, 99.9 THE POINT, 88.9 KRFC , 90.5 KCSU.

Set List

Roe can perform anywhere from a fifteen minute set, to a two hour set. The band has over thirty five original songs to choose from, and can keep an crowd entertained for the duration of their set, no matter the length.