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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review"

“Roe… Guys want to be them and girls want to be with them. These troubadours of lovesick lyrics will surprise you again and again throughout their latest release, Letters and Lights, a sterling 14 track CD filled with pop hooks and undertones of music started in our great state by the likes of The Fray and The Heyday. Roe has been prominently mentioned in local music circles as a band to watch in 2009 and their song-writing prowess justifies the entire current buzz. “ - Colorado Music Buzz


“Roe is inline to be the next act from the Fort to make a splash… Not for nothing, but what the hell are they putting in the water up there? Seriously.” – Dave Herrera.

- Westword Magazine

"Upcoming Album"

“While most college towns serve as hotbeds for experimental or jam-friendly bands, Fort Collins has recently been churning out glossy alternative pop rock groups like they’re lattes during finals week, like Roe, a five-piece outfit that’s poised to reach the next level with their new release, “Letters and Lights.” – Gene Davis, Denver Daily News

- Denver Daily News

"Write Up"

“The Fray's commercial breakthrough has provided Colorado acts with a template for success, and plenty of them are following it closely — although generally with less slickness and skill than Fort Collins-based Roe.” – Michael Roberts, Westword - Westword Magazine

"Album Review II"

“…a band with a keen sense of melody and powerful songwriting prowess” – Nick Scheidies

- Collegian News

"Backbeat II"

"Brace yourselves for yet another batch of pristinely crafted, radio-friendly pop” – Dave Herrera, Westword - Westword

"Letters And Lights"

“Letters and Lights uses intricate melodies combined with soul-searching lyrics to conjure up images of first love…The album is like thinking of a lovely spring day full of hope, the turbulent patch of rockiness that every relationship will hit, and the grace and acceptance to appreciate what it is. Beautiful.” – Greta Cornett, Scene Magazine

- Scene Magazine


"The music of Roe aspires to and succeeds in hooking individuals with its eclectic charm...” Jennifer Leigh Johnson, Loveland Reporter Herald - Loveland Reporter Herald

"Show Review"

“Letters and Lights, an album of crooner Rock n’ Roll that swings between autumnal acoustic offerings and bold carnival rides of rhythm and guitar.” – Erik Myers, Colorado Music Buzz

- Colorado Music Buzz

"Genuine Article"

“There's a thread that runs through each fan's description of Roe: The guys are the genuine article.” -Elyse Jarvis, Verve Magazine

- Verve Magazine


Letters And Lights (November, 2008)
Frame By Frame EP (November 2006)

Roe's music has been in regular rotation on:

93.3 KTCL, 99.9 THE POINT, 88.9 KRFC , 90.5 KCSU.



The Story:

A happenstance introduction between five strangers sparks the beginning of a band that is now heralded as one of Colorado’s premier up and coming groups. Roe, from the heart of the Midwest has quickly risen in the local scene through their honest portrayal of life, love and faith. The sound has been described as a mixture of upbeat melodies and swooning tales of heartache and change. Never veering from their sentiment, “Roe pulls us flawlessly into the emotion and honesty of their tunes without abandoning integrity. Driven by blending piano based rock with heartfelt lyrics, carried by guitars and drums, Roe cleverly walks the line between rock and pop with more grace than a ballerina; a sound that gently reminds us of the struggles of being young again and the hope of finding strength to carry on once more.”

The Accolades:

* Voted best band in Denver by winning 93.3 Fm’s Hometown For The Holidays contest (December 2008)
* Named ClearChannel.Com’s “Artist Of The Week”
* Number one band on three Northern Colorado radio stations simultaneously (KCSU, KRFC, KUNC) in January 2009
* Hit single “Mayday” reached #8 most wanted song on 93.3 in December 2008.
* Named in the top three bands in Denver by 93.3 Hometown For The Holidays contest (2007) alongside The Flobots.
* Over 700 album sales already of the new record “Letters And Lights” (Released November 2008)
* Have played alongside various national acts including (but not limited to) Augustana, Single File, Tickle Me Pink, The Flobots, The Fray, The Cowboy Junkies, Sugar Ray, New Found Glory, Danger Radio, Metro Station.