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Trenton, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Trenton, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Alternative


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Roebus One
The just-ready-to-pop Trenton emcee - who calls himself the hip-hop Elliot Smith - wins the metaphor war around these parts with a slippery rhyme scheme that’s cold, dark and disturbed, but emotionally powerful with its spiritually lyrical imaging. The only performer to appear at Bamboozle ’09 with no label backing or by some lame ticket-buy contest, Roebus One’s freezy-flow falls under the emo-rap label – a tag that seems to fit the rapper fine here through his sampling of Anthony Green (Circa Survive) on the single “Frail” and vocal slow motions that’ll remind underground rap fans of Cage, Murs and Aesop Rock. He’s rocked the stage with indie hip-hop luminaries Copywrite and Yak Ballz and on Saturday puts McGuinn’s Place (1781 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence) on lockdown with To Live & Die in NJ. The rappers’ “Reflections of Goodbye” was released in early ’09 and is now being shopped to indie labels. Could Def Jux be in his future? Those who keep it real would think so. - On The Beat Philly

Video Link:

From Roebus One‘s Inside The Diorama which should be out soon.

If you haven’t checked our interview with Roebus One, be sure to peep that as well
- Flawless Hustle

This post’s title is an idea I’m throwing around for another blog, but that’s a-whole-nother story. In this case, I’m talking local to central Jersey. So I’m from central Jersey and a DJ from central Jersey, DJ 609, tells me about a rapper from central Jersey, Roebus One. I figured why not give him a listen. Always good to hear what’s coming out of my home town.

And I gotta say, it’s definitely something different being brought to the table. Limited sampling, heavy lyrics, and overall appealing structure. I’ll keep listening. Below is Roebus One’s first single, “Advent Glorious” off his newest album, Inside the Diorama which released this month on iTunes. He’s also got Reflections of Goodbye from 2009.

I’ll be honest, when I was watching the video, I did not believe that the voice I heard was coming from the man on the screen. Is this good or bad? I really can’t say. But it’s something unique. And sometimes we do just need to through the cookie cutters in the trash and mold it with our hands.

Roebus One, you’ve got me listening. We’ll see what happens from here.
- Bridging the Verse


It took a moment. Coordinating a team across continents, finding time in between other assignments, overcoming technical difficulties. But here we are. The Imported Go(o)ds blog: launched.

It’s been more than a year since Imported Go(o)ds took off as an event series in Delhi. Now – we’re going global. First event under this brand is coming up on the 9th of September in Wroclaw, Poland and it’s a good moment to launch the blog as well. What’s next – we’ll see where life takes us.

The first bit of music I want to share with you doesn’t really sound like most of the things you’ll probably find here later. It’s a pretty classic hip hop track. But it’s valid for another reason. Before I started this blog I wanted to check, whether somebody used the motto I came up with (“Think Global, Listen Local”) before. Holy Godgle returned this to me.

Kris G, a guy behind the Bridging The Verse blog, wrote just a week ago on the other end of the planet earth: “Think Global, Listen Local – an idea I’m throwing around for another blog”. Sorry Kris, they say, that whatever idea you have, someone must have had it earlier.

But what really matters, is that for him, local is central Jersey. And genuine local sound is hip hop. So the blog post he wrote under the same title, was actually about this:

So this is how things go – a random search leads to a brilliant music discovery. It’s happening all the time. The beauty of the wired world. But someone has to source it first, dig it out from the backyard and throw it into the public. That’s our mission. And I guess this is a good way to start it. A best new hip hop track I’ve heard in a long time.

- The Imported Goods

Das Tolle an tumblr ist ja, dass mensch dort (noch) wirklich verborgene Schätze im Posting-Dschungel finden kann. So stiessen wir vor Kurzem via jkell6969´s Blog auf den fantastischen Roebus One: US-Untergrundrap trifft unpeinlich auf Emo-Indie, jawohl, jemand sollte Casper (falls dieser alte Musicblogfuchs ihn nicht eh schon kennt) informieren, da gibt es einen in New Jersey mit ähnlichem Ansatz.

Und was für ein Typ: Der Bub schaut ohne Bart aus wie 13, samplet Anthony Green und flowt souverän wie ein langgedienter MC. Und dann spielt er in seinem Nebenprojekt namens “Jodie Fosterchild” auch noch Progressive Rock (!). Geht es noch cooler? Am 15. Juli bringt Roebus sein (zweites?) Album “Inside The Diorama” in Eigeninitiative raus. Wir wissen nicht, ob er in einem Jahr schon Odd Future als die nächste US-Rapsensation abgelöst hat, verdient hätte es der Knabe aber allemal. Seht selbst:

The great thing about tumblr is that human being can be found there (yet) really hidden gems in posting jungle. So we came recently via jkell6969 ´s blog on the fantastic Roebus one: US-Untergrundrap meets unpeinlich emo-indie, Yes, someone should inform Casper (if this old Musicblogfuchs not eh already knows it), there is one in New Jersey with similar approach.
And what a type: the boy looks like 13 without a beard, samples Anthony Green and flowt sovereign as a long serving MC. And then he plays in his side project named "Jodie Fosterchild" also progressive rock (!). Is it still cool? On 15 July Roebus his (second?) brings Album "inside the diorama" own initiative out. We do not know whether he has replaced future a year already odd as the next US rap sensation, earned the boy had it but once. See yourself: - Audioheidi

Roebus One
From Trenton, NJ, Roebus One has been rapping since age 13 and has played musical instruments since age 5. Roebus is a punk rock influenced hip hop artist with a strong voice and an abundance of energy, charisma, and emotionally charged lyrics. His full-length album, titled “Reflections Of Goodbye”, was released in 2009 with production from Tab, after ten years of crafting his skills. The album stands as a ten song documentation of the last 4 years of his life in which he hit an emotional rock bottom after a close friends committed suicide, overcoming drug addiction, and attempting to forget an ex-girlfriend. His primary purpose is making a connection with the crowd and leaving them with an experience they will never forget. Check out the latest album release from Roebus One in 2011, titled “Inside The Diorama”, produced by Tab, and watch his music videos for “Advent Glorious” and “Frail”.

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- The Bee Shine


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Johnathan Watson, (AKA Roebus One), is a musician/ artist from Staten Island, NY, raised in Central New Jersey. He released his official debut album Reflections of Goodbye in February of 2009 independently. Currently, he relesed the follow up album Inside the Diorama in August of 2011 on the newly birthed indie label, Dullest Records.

Johnathan has been involved with various genres of music from a young age, receving traing in just about every instrument except the guitar, starting at the age of 6. He began rapping at the age of 13