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"Magazine Review"

“Roem Baur belts out beauty like a brilliant floral bouquet with more feeling than a spinal cord has nerve endings spilling out at every crook, every crack, every corner.” - Greg Edwards - Modesto View Magazine


Roem has clearly taken the role of a singer and songwriter to a new level. His songs are immediately enjoyable and he is very engaging when he plays live. Expect great things from Roem Baur. - Chris Murphy of

"John Corbett"

[Backstage after Roem Baur finishes his set]

"Holy Sh*t, Pavaroti! That was incredible. I have to follow that?!!" - John Corbett - N/A


Roem Baur
Acoustic Demo EP
Released June 2004

Roem Baur - "Live with box and strings"
Full Length Live album
Released Feb. 2005

Roem Baur - "Untitled" Studio EP
Release Date: Aug. 2005



For some Artists, it takes time.

Time to find themselves, their story, their groove.

For Roem Baur, that meant experiencing every opportunity that he could find. And as most good stories come full circle, so does this biography.

Growing up in a small rural town in the heart of California, he was always creative, his parents encouraged his painting, drawing, and writing, all the while, instilling him a rich culture of Classical Music and Gospel from his Mother’s side, and a healthy dose of 60's and 70's Rock from his Father’s. Coming from a very religious background proved to be advantageous as well, as his church was very progressive in the Arts, cultivating a strong basic knowledge of Music Theory and Theatre in the young singer.

Then it happened. During a hot summer afternoon rehearsal in a little Baptist Church, Roem “accidentally” sang an octave higher than the tenor part that was written on the page. Immediately, the Music Director stopped the rehearsal. The young tenor was asked to repeat it, and then again, and the “voice” was born. Solos and private training followed.

Fast forward to 16, and the “voice” qualifies him for a select group of young singers on tour to England, Wales, and Zimbabwe, Africa. Among all the humbling and eye opening experiences of being in a Third World country, Roem found the inspiration to follow his dream of performing and sharing music throughout the world.

Furthur, while playing soccer with orphans in a small African village (they schooled him, btw) he realized that music was an avenue, a facilitator, and that his work is much more than just playing notes. It was helping, in any way you can. He now has played for over 50 different charity organizations and continues to work with The American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, Unicef, Creative Commons, Donors Choose, Lights Out San Francisco, Design21, and many more.

After pursuing Music degrees, Acting degrees, Ministry degrees, and even a stint as a painter, Roem Baur has finally found his groove… his soul laden, storytelling groove.

Simply writing and singing.

Starting out in the uncommon, yet music rich Central Valley, CA (ie...Chris Isaak, Pavement, Grandaddy), Roem has been performing professionally as a singer/songwriter and guitarist in several collaborative projects for years, throughout northern California, and the country, on his way to accomplishing his dream.

No stranger to hard work, he played over 250 shows all over California from the fall of 2004 till 2007, all without a Manager, Booking Agent, or even a studio album. His fans know his music from his home demos, his website, and live performances only… and they keep coming.

And so do the accolades. In 2005, Roem Baur took home the “Best Acoustic Artist” MAMA Award and the “Best Actor in a Musical” Elly Award and was a regular guest on the radio station B93.1 FM(ClearChannel).

His style, which embraces elements of Rock, Folk, Soul, and Blues, has been influenced by a unique variety of artists including the Beatles, Queen, Jeff Buckley, Billy Joel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and others. Unique in approach, one can make out a tasteful nod to various genres including Jazz, Classical, and everything in between.

Only months after his first show as a solo artist, Roem Baur released a raw, full-length, live bootleg album, played for thousands on the radio, was highlighted in print and television, and opened or shared the venue with national acts, and rock legends alike, including; Blue Oyster Cult, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Dishwalla, and movie/television star John Corbett, to name a few. In concert with his band, or solo, the performances have consistently knocked local media and fans off their feet. Energetic and passionate one minute, intimate and earnest the next, his connection with audiences is only evidence of his own drive and love of music.

"I just go out and play... I don't know how to do anything halfway on stage, I feel it's my obligation and joy to share this music with everybody... to experience communion with the audience."

Now a San Francisco resident, forming a new band, and writing and recording in his beautiful new setting, the many incarnations of his musical journey will continue.

So the world waits to hear what his first studio album will sound like... and if his live shows are any indication, we the audience will be engaged to the very soul.

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