Göteborg, Västra Götaland, SWE

Dramatic p&r. Gothenburg, SE.


We know frontman, Niels Nankler, as a guitarist, song writer and producer behind powerful acts: Me And My Army and Timo Räisänen. Whereas he has also teamed up with some of the members along the way to what and where Roenik are today.

The band self released an EP in 2006 with single “We Could Have Been” who climbed the Swedish charts. Shortly there after, they traveled to the UK to start the recording of their first full length album with producer/mixer Yoad Nevo (Air/Pet Shop Boys/Dave Gahan).

Roenik's commitment to activism and their absolute zero tolerance for the establishment led to the creation of their own special brand marketing campaign; guerilla gigs at hotels, libraries and shopping malls. This enabled people to hear, see and experience the band in a completely new way. Responses where overwhelmingly positive, except from the the odd furious security guard, of course…

Their second full length album "Stars" is due for release at 28th of may 2014. This time they wanted to create something completely by their own hands, looking for absolute genuineness all the way through the process.


Jonas Wållberg - Keys and programming

John London - Bass and engineering (Me And My Army)

Polen Kurzawa - Guitars (Hästpojken, Kristian Anttila)

Patrik Herrström - Drums (Timo Räisänen, Me And My Army)


GAFFA (Scandinavian music magazine) 28 may 2014

5 star review

"Timo Räisänen and Me And My Army members conveys melancholy music. 

Mini album Stars is a space saga whose six songs reflects the most within the heartbreaking, the dreamy and the melancholic. A glorious mix of the happy and the sad. 

The musicians, with roots in both Timo Räisänen and Me And My Army, know how to create a product for every mood and occasion. Roenik is the band who does it all on their own, including recording, mixing and cover art, and that also makes it in their own unique way. 

The title track as well as the grand final Wall welcomes the dramatic attitude with a custom-made dynamic. At the same time Leave It All contains the most ingredients of a pop hit. In it we find both well-written and strong melodies and it is not at all difficult to imagine the frontman Niels Nankler, with a sweaty band in the background, rock out on a muddy festival. 

The debut Stars is likeable and genuine, includes tender feelings and perhaps even contributes to an occasional smile. It should get a well deserved place in the spotlight."

Amazon buyers review July 3 2014

Roenik is one of my favorite new discoveries. Powerful lyrics sung with passion. The music isn't just a backdrop for the vocals, nor does it seek to overpower on its own. Each note, whether vocal or instrumental, feels like it was meant to sit exactly where it is. This album is a musical journey I will never tire of.

The Metro(Nation wide)

Guerilla group strike again!

We first heard about the Gothenburg band Roenik last week. They raided a celibrity wedding with a guerilla gig at the Elite Plaza, the only 5 star hotel in Gothenburg. Yesterday they struck again. This time the city library was the victim!

It was the middle of the afternoon when the band simply strolled right in to the heart of the library, plugged in their instruments and started playing. The band played for about 3 minutes, before the librarians managed to gather their wits together and moved in. As they were thrown out of the building, Roenik received a standing ovation from hundreds of newly won fans in the library. "We only counted on playing one song, but underestimated those librarian ladies, they nailed us pretty dam fast! They really were on top of their game, unlike the security at the hotel", says lead singer Niels Nankler.

The band threatens more guerilla gigs in the future and they argue, Nothing ever happens around here; We just want to shake the kitten from the tree, you know; break a few of the old taboo´s.

On friday night the band are playing at the Pustervik and this time no one will stop them.

"The librarians are said to be in a stable condition."

"It's where the old clashes with the new that Roenik's music holds it's ground. Never before have a pop&rock song had both feet in a so very modern four on the floor electronic foundation. Yet held it's head high in the melancholy and nostalgia of the seventies and eighties. With such elegance and total absence of friction that you don't know whether you're drumming the beat of the new or humming the tune of the old."


EP: Unique - 2006 (single 'we could have been' made it to the top hit charts place 18).

Maxi single: Everything that's new - 2007.

Single: Someone's love is going to die - 2009.
Official video:

Single: Safe, not sound - 2010.
Official video: