Roe sham beau

Roe sham beau


Roe Sham Beau is a musical act trying to offer something different as compared to your everyday band. Fresh material, complex songwriting, and vintage influences combine to make an eclectic pleasure to your ears.


The beginnings of the band started playing together in early 2005, after many lineup changes, and different sounds, Roe Sham Beau has found their niche, and chooses to stick with it. Influences range from The Beatles, The Doors, Dion & The Belmonts, to Louis Armstrong. A full length album to be released on January 24th at the Bricktown Ballroom contains 14 originals.


Vol 1. most of which can be heard @

2nd album in progress...

Set List

A typical RSB set is around 45 minutes, but can be longer if necessary.